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Career Point- Worth it?

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I've been looking in to some vocational nursing programs in Austin, Tx and I've come across career point. So far the reviews on them have not been so great. Has anyone done their LVN program? Has anyone taken the program at their location in Austin? I want to make sure the program I choose is challenging and worth my time and money. I'm also worried as to whether or not employers will prefer others over Career Point graduates.


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I was leery too. They seemed really disorganized when I talked to them.Although CP is not a new college, the Austin location is new. I would hate to be one of the first couple classes while they work out their kinks you know?

I am actually in their very first class that started march 17th. Believe me, it has been crazy. Disorganized. I've questioned my decision a few times. But I don't know any new business that opens it's doors and is perfect right off the bat. While yes their SA campus has been around for 30+ years, Austin's campus started from scratch. They had only 4 instructors when I started. We've seen changes and seen the kinks worked out. I'm believe I am getting a great education, and experience from (most, you can't like everyone way of thinking) my instructors. The dean and program director are always on top of student concerns and follow up on them. I've seen with the following classes things have been running more smoothly. But I like it. I'm also not one of these people who expect to have my hand held in nursing school like some people do, and I've found it's those people who talk to worst about the school when they think the instructor should just hand them all the answers for the test.. But yea long story short, I enjoy my program and see every week that things start running more and more smoothly.