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I'm currently a college student its my first year and I aspire to become a RN/neonatal nurse. I am currently in community college as a liberal arts major with an emphasis in science but want to work in a hospital once i graduate with my associates and right now I am not sure that I can because of my major. Should i change it to nursing in community college or just stick to the science? please help!!


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Ok I'm confused. Why are you majoring in liberal arts if your goal is to become a nurse? Are you planning on completing your prerequisite classes at the community college and then transferring to a university BSN program?

If that is the case, then sure, you can keep your major listed as liberal arts. You'll have to declare a major once you transfer to the university anyways.

However, if you are planning on completing your nursing degree at the community college, I can't think of any benefit that you will get from completing an associates degree in liberal arts. If anything, it could possibly hinder your ability to get financial aid when you start you ADN.

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An associate of art/science degree with a major in liberal arts and an emphasis in science does not qualify you for any specific hospital positions.

In most cases you cannot simply change your major to nursing without having first been accepted into your community college's nursing program.


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