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I am not sure I went into the right career but I want to make the most of it by finding a "nitche" in the field of nursing that might suit me. I hope someone will have some ideas for me. These are my likes and dislikes. I only like a medium amount of stress and medium amount of responsibility. I like to be very much independent and work with protocols. I don't like dealing with death too much. I am not interested in ACLS. I don't want to work a lot with kids. I don't like inserting NG tubes or Foley's, or suctioning. Can anyone help? Is my career doomed? I thought about dialysis nursing? or Recovery room?

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If you currently travel - what kind of nursing do you do now? Have you thought about office nursing, telephone triage, GI lab?


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Sounds like office nursing might be a good choice for you.

Another possibility might be case management. Why don't you take a CEU course on the subject and see if it might appeal to you? The stress level would probably depend on which employer and the type of facility, but you wouldn't need ACLS, and you sure wouldn't be poking around any patients' body orifices.

Good luck.

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I have already worked in a physicians office. I didn't have any independence, I had to work right with the provider constantly at his or her beck and call. Telephone triage was ok but not something I can see myself staying in. I'll think more about case management and GI. Any other ideas? Thanks for your help.

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