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I am 34 and a career changer. I started PA school this summer and it beat be up so much I withdrew. I would go back but time is not on my side for several reasons. However, StonyBrook University on Long Island has an accelerated BSN and then apply to an online NP program. Has anyone done this program? Done an online program? And please tell me what it's like being an NP. I know a lot about PA but everything happens for a reason and it's not for me.


What makes you think NP school will be easier than PA school? They are both training for the same type of career. If you go to a top NP program, which exist in your area (Columbia, Yale) then it should be just as difficult as PA school. These schools have accelerated master's programs where you will get both your BSN and Master's at once.

Unfortunately, there are "easy" ways out, and you could always go to an online for-profit program. Those will be much easier than PA school and you should have no problem getting in (they rarely turn away applicants).

If I were you, I would either choose a top NP program or go to PA school. Don't settle for mediocrity just because school's too hard.

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OP -

First, I'm sorry to hear you had difficulties in the PA program, we all have struggles at times in our lives, and hopefully you will be able to overcome this episode and it will make you stronger in the long run.

I don't know the particulars of the programs you asked about. If you haven't had experience with nursing school, you might find that the accelerated BSN is going to be far more work per semester than a typical BS degree requires. Nursing programs typically are very intensive. I don't say this to discourage you, just to inform you.

Good Luck with whatever road you choose to take.