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Hi I am new to this site. I joined to get information on working as a PSN. How enjoyable, transfer of my existing skills, stress levels opportunities etc.

I am a 51 year old was recently laid off, looking to improve my skills to enhance my ability to give anbd to look after my financial needs. Basically should I go back to school or not. Having no kids and single make this easier. I have a certificates in Child and Yourth Counselling and Substance Abuse Counselling, have been working in the youth field for 12 years doing residential with behavior teens and working in the school system as a teacher aid.

I recently picked up a temporay contract with a school in my community. I love were I am living in a small community on Vancouver Island Canada. the outdoors and empty spaces here. Going to school in this field would require me to leave for the city, for three or four years, not an easy choice.

If someone is working in this field who would be willing to corrispond with me to sound off some ideas this would be great.


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Maybe it's just late at night, but what is a PSN?

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