career change to nursing the right choice?


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It is intersting to hear from the pilots changing careers. When I got out of the Navy over 5 years ago I was sure I wanted to be a commercial pilot. I had dreamed of it all my life. I got a job that would allow me to work on the ratings pretty hard and was trucking through. Finished my Private and was building time for instrument when one day it hit me, man you pilots live a rough life. I love the view out the window but my god I was making a 6 figure income. I decided I would treat work as a job and just go where the money was. I staid with my 6 figure job and have been one big ball of grumpy almost ever since. Actually it probably got bad when I sold my little C150 as it was no longer a training item but a pure toy.

Finally the economy took a nose dive and I am making about 60% of last years income. I decided we can live on less money and I love the part time work I do as an EMT. So here I am. 9 days from leaving my company to hit school full time.

I too hope that I can someday get into an advanced practice area and make some money again. I'd love to get back to flying someday but I want it to be in something a bit more substantial than a 150.

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