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Can you recommend some books or websites with care plans?

Thank you

gwenith, BSN, RN

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Click on the "sticky" thread at the top of this forum We just checked out all the links the other day and deleted the ones that do not work anymore.


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Nursing Diagnosis Handbook A Guide to Planning Care by Ackley and Ladwig.

This book has helped me so much during nursing school, it is very helpful for nursing diagnoses, and interventions. It also has complete care plans with outcomes. Hope that helps! :)


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I would check with your instructors. Some teachers like care plans in one form, and others perfer another. You might buy a book that someone on here used and got all As...but your instructor may hate that format and you would not do as well.

I just bought the one that was recommended by my teachers.


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I also would recomend Nursing Diagnosis Handbook a Guide to Planning Care by Ackley and Ladwig. I like this book because it provides both iterventions and rational. I also gives goals and outcomes. I would check with your instructors though.

Good Luck!

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