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Anyone knows about the schedule of this training/workshop at HEART

please? or have been into this program?? Please share your experiences?

How do they conduct this training??

thank you very much .

God bless!!


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hi there! i read that this is a 5-week training which costs 20 thousand pesos. but this is already inclusive of ECG, BLS, ACLS, 2 scrub suits and 1 lab gown. for the requirements and other information, check this link:


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here's their site.. i think it's about 20,000 php :yawn: and i think it's a month of training..but you're required to have a RENAP membership..i think it is located in heart center.just try to google it..:D:D


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I saw their Cardio-Renal Training program. They said that ECG, BLS and ACLS are included in the training and overall it will give you a total cost of 20,000PHP. Too expensive but only for 1 month.'s too darn expensive..hmm anyway, for how long is the validity of that training?or shall i say, will it expire after a certain period of time? thanks in advance for your replies..:lol2:


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oh man 20k for that training ????

BLS cost in red cross is cheaper

ECG training in PGH cost about 1.8k for 2 weeks

HEART center prices are too darn high for me

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