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What are your ratios like in your telemetry units. Days, eves, nights, are they different??? What is your acuity like?? Are you trauma level?? Major heart center??? Any other help----CCT or aide... Read More

  1. by   anurse4life
    our hospital is 2:1 in open heart and cvsu on the ccsd and mssd units it is 5:1 or 6:1 for nurse pt ration we have moniter techs and secretarys on all units and nurse aide ratio is 8:1 to 14:1 however our mssd unit also takes vents . definatly rough sometimes. with vents involved
  2. by   valkyries28
    Quote from lee1
    What are your ratios like in your telemetry units. Days, eves, nights, are they different??? What is your acuity like?? Are you trauma level?? Major heart center??? Any other help----CCT or aide whatever you call them and what can they do???
    Do you have something akin to "cluster"----beds monitored for patients in between ICU/CCU and telemtry??? How is that staffing???
    I'm currently working in a big teaching hospital here in Texas. Our Tele floors consist of medical tele, post surgical tele. .Ofcourse our ICU's are separated. I work in a medical tele floor. day shift has three techs, at nite we have two techs. pt-nurse ratio day shift is 5:1 , nite shift is max 7:1. we dont have any monitor techs but instead we have a beeper hooked up with our centralized telemetry system that would prompt us if there's any rhtyhm changes. we do our own strips. Our PCA's role is too limited just mere taking v/s and usual bedside care, nothing from ordinary.
  3. by   tabascosass
    Ive been reading the staff ratios, and I am in shock. I work in a 50 bed telmetry unit that has a ratio of 1(RN):10(Patients) on a good day, with 1 CNA to 17 patients. The normal days are 1(RN):14 (Patients) and at night 1 RN:15-17 (Patients) and 1CNA to 25 patients
    Its unsafe for both a seasoned nurse and a new nurse, and after reading the ratios you have all posted I feel it even more.
  4. by   oregonnurse Tabascosass, wow! 1 RN to 10-17 telemetry patients is beyond the pale. Must be nerve-wracking. Just curious, what part of the country are you in?

    At my hospital we have a 60 bed PCU divided (like others have said) between an interventional zone, medical cardiac tx, and of course the CABG patch (post OHS). Nurses are cross trained to all 3 zones. We do pull sheaths and manage cardiac gtts. Days: 1 RN to 3-5 pts. Eves: 1 RN to 4-5 pts and Nocs (my shift): 4-6 pts.

    Another question everyone: How many hospitals hire new nursing grads for telemetry floors?
  5. by   HEARTNRSE05
    I work in the cardiac PCU and the med/Surg PCU. We have post caths, MIs, and CABG patients that are 24-48 hours post-op. Our staffing is 1 nurse (RN or LVN) to 4 patients and we have 1 CNA. We have 4 different floors and we are in the process of building 2 more floors that will be finished sometime after the first of the year. Two of our floors have 16 beds, one has 22 beds and the other one has 8 beds. Our two new floors will have 16 beds a piece.
  6. by   cpeubob
    3-4 during the day? If I only have 3-4 they want to send me home due to low census, I usually start the day with between 7 and 9. It is so frustrating, when I started we had between 5-6 to start and now well anything goes, and they wonder why patient satisfaction surveys have gone in the toilet.
  7. by   Nightcrawler
    I am a new grad that will be starting at a teaching hospital in Feb. The majority of our pts come out of the CTICU and are either post or preop heart and lung transplant pts. We see some CABG, but the majority of the patients are transplants. Ratios are 1/3-4 for days, and 1/4-5 for nights with 5 being the maximum pt load. Very very busy, even with a PCT and secretary and monitor tech 24/7
  8. by   nursbaybie
    At the facility where I used to work, we had a small community hospital med surg/tele/peds combo...38 beds. The ratio was 1:5 on all shifts, 1-2 cna's depending on the census. Generally tpc was expected with cnas taking vitals and passing trays, etc.

    New job: step down unit, not sure exactly of type of patients, some s/p cardiac cath, few low dose drips, etc. Ratio is 1:4 on all shifts. 2 cnas on days, 1 on nights (22 bed unit.)