step-down vs. telemetry unit

  1. Hi there. I am a nursing student (graduate in 5months!! )I work on a tele unit in a small hospital. We don't have a "step down" unit that I am aware of. What exactly is a step down unit? Is it like a CCU? Sorry for my ignorance Thanks for any insight---Jess
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  3. by   neneRN
    Step down is more or less a transitional unit; pts coming from ICU, not quite well enough for general med/surg. Also, pts requiring closer monitoring than a regular floor, so less nurse/pt ratio. In our hospital, these areas can take pts on NTG gtts, insulin gtts, renal dopamine, cardizem protocol,etc. Maybe set up differently in other hospitals- this is how we utilise step down units (we call them progressive care units, and they're a specific area or team on the med/surg floors)
  4. by   jessjoy
    Thanks so much for such a great explanation! It really helped me understand what a step-down unit is. Jess