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There has been an abundance of people on the bb posting and requesting advice about cardiac symptoms. What disturbs me is that when it happens it is usually not a member I recognize, and usually... Read More

  1. by   cpeubob
    Sorry but I am a real nurse, if you come here witha problem I will help the best I can. i dont care what your screen name or problem is, if hooley is too tired to help then they are not a real nurse just a poser!!!!!!!
  2. by   stbernardclub
    Whats this wanting to be "off " all about ?
  3. by   thn5625
    Quote from stbernardclub
    Whats this wanting to be "off " all about ?
    I dont see anything wrong with asking experience nurses a question in their specialty. There are times conditions are not known even with multiple tests (this is my experience) or times when a multiple of diagnosis could be possible with more and more tests as a result. I am searching for clues of what could be the cause of her fatigue. It really doesnt matter if Im not a nurse yet because if someone I love (family, friends, sig. other) has a condition I will not just go to the doctor but other people as well. Besides two of the doctors gave me conflicting conclusions.