Please Help!!Need info about Cardiac problem!

  1. My Dad is 60 yrs old and has a left bundle branch block which the MD found with an EKG about 6 yrs ago. He was dx with prostate ca last month and decided to have a radical postatectomy and the primary doc sent him for a stress test today...for medical clearance. They found that his left atrium is only working 30% and he needs to have a cardiac cath. The doc said he may have had a silent MI. I really don't know much about this stuff! I'm ACLS certified but that doesn't help me much with this! I was hoping that there would be some GREAT NURSES out there that could educate me about this so I can be more supportive for my dad. I would really appreciate anyone that would take the time to help me!! THANKS!
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  3. by   baseline
    Well, without the cath report it's only speculation for my part. The angiogram will show valve fx, cardiac fx, and the condition of the coronary arteries for starters. You and your father will know alot more after that........a previous MI is certainly a poss at sometime in the past.......
  4. by   BadBird
    Left bundle branch block is usually associated with underlying heart disease. The underlying disease needs to be identified so proper treatment can happen, thus the cardiac cath. I agree with the above posters, once you know the extent of cardiac damage the Dr. will know the treatment plan. Hope you Dad does well.
  5. by   Gardengal
    I question why your Dad's MD didn't look into the BBB 6 years ago when it was discovered. It is good though that it is being evaluated now. If the stress test revealed atrial involvement, I imagine it was a nuclear medicine type of stress test with enhanced imaging. That's good.

    Wait and see what the cath shows. if you Dad hasn't had any new symptoms, chances are you won't get many surprises. Since your Dad has prostate cancer and needs that to be rectified it's good that you know the old cardiac stuff. You just never had a name to a previous diagnosis...He obviously had a previouscardiacproblem though,because EKGs only show past injury.

    Getting the info from the cath is will helpto influence fluid decisions post op and meds to be given. Your father is lucky to have this info pre op. Good luck to your Dad and your family.
  6. by   Lucy RN
    THANK YOU ALL!!! I am pretty freaked out about this but you all have helped me feel a little better....Dad has an appt with the cardiologist tomorrow and will find out the date for the cath....I guess maybe it was a blessing that they found this out before surgery!! I didn't tell you all that my poor dad had Hairy Cell Leukemia 10 yrs ago and almost died...he had chemo and has been in remission since then. They thought at the time they found the LBBB that it may have been from the chemo? I'm not too sure...thankfully he has had no chest pain or SOB so that's good. I will see what the cath shows and get back to you all...I really appreciate the help.THANKS!!
  7. by   baseline
    Keep us UTD
  8. by   Lucy RN
    Well my dad had his Cardiac Cath yesterday and we got good news.......his arteries are all clear and large with no sign of blockage. The MD thought that the damage was from an infection in the past. He goes back to the MD this week for the official report....... Thanks to all for the info.......Your thoughts and prayers were appreciated!!!