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I would love some suggestions. I just got a call back for an interview for Thursday for a telemetry unit. I would love some advice on how a telemetry interview goes? This will be my first interview... Read More

  1. by   SnowShoeRN
    Yay! Congratulations!
  2. by   tlc365
    Ok I am in the same boat and I dont see any advice on here about interview ???s and best responses. So what info did you share and were asked tips, suggestions. helpful hints..anything...?
  3. by   KatsieRN
    Thought I would add in my experience since I just graduated from nursing school had an interview for telemetry floor new grad program a few weeks ago. I did not have any situational questions which I think is what a lot of new grads fear. The interviewer did ask me about my experience with certain procedures and to be honest, a few times I had NO idea what she was talking about. Be honest that you did not get to see everything in nursing school but you are willing to learn on the floor and on your own to get you prepared. I think that is what most interviewers want to see - enthusiasm and readiness to learn.

    Think up as many examples as you can about your accomplishments or how you reacted in certain situations. While there wasn't a "tell me what you would do if..." there were questions like "tell me about a difficult clinical experience or tell me about your most difficult patient / nurse/ doctor interaction and how you handled the issue". ( she seemed to like my answer of quality of pt care is always most important so work towards a solution while communicating and being respectful and all that jazz)

    Also had - describe your most rewarding experience in nursing, a question about leadership or going above and beyond. My lady had a list of printed questions and she asked me all of them, I was so glad I over-prepared.

    Study up on EKG's so you can honestly say you have started to learn and have a very basic understanding. My lady asked me if I'd be comfortable interpreting 10 strips if she printed them out and I told her I had a basic understanding from my preceptorship and could recognize simple rhythms but am interested in EKG / ACLS course and that seemed to satisfy her. They do not expect a new grad to be experts in this specialty obviously.

    Start looking over the most common cardiac drugs and when to use them. You will sound like you've done your research if you can give an example of a situation and the drugs used or just briefly show your knowledge of cardiac drugs.

    Make sure the interviewer understands why you love this type of nursing and be calm, friendly, enthusiastic and remember to smile. I really think interpersonal skills can win over an interviewer so be yourself and look professional - hair back, low heel, suit or skirt ( don't forget the pantyhose!)

    have a copy of your resume, letters of rec, cover letter, RN license and BLS copies in a folder that you can leave with the interviewer... and of course, on nice resume paper.

    Have your questions for the interviewer ready so that you can get all your questions answered. I would recommend jotting down some notes ( other people say don't but I wish I had) because after the interview when the adrenaline is gone you will be trying to remember all the facts!

    Good luck on the interviews.. ps - I got the job and start my orientation in a few weeks