how my life changed, thanks to u nurses.....

  1. Hi, I am starting my nursing classes in fall 2010 and I know I want to specialize in cardiac nursing when I am done. My story began 2 months ago while at work, I am a rma in pedi office. I had a t.I.a. all of a sudden. Had a bubble study done with echo and found a good size hole in my heart. So I was refered to the best doc at mass general boston, took lotssss of tests and finally last week I had my pfo closed with a device in the cardiac cath lab. Boy was I scared but all is well. I had the best cardiac nurses of all, I stayed ova 1 nite and 1 whole day. Being a cardiac patient has sure opened my eyes to this field. I would love to work in the cath lab, or the cardiac icu and give back the best nursing I can give, through what I have received. Any cardiac nurses out there kudos to u and ur job. Feel free to share any experiences about ur job, I would love to here them. Also how long did it take u to specialize in this field. Thanks erin
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  3. by   al7139
    Hooray! Another convert!
    I think you will love being a cardiac nurse, I know I do!
    I graduated in 2007 and have been on a telemetry unit since then. I recommend doing tele right out of school, because it gives you a great foundation without the stress of really sick patients (most of ours are pretty stable, although we do get occasional codes, etc.).
    You see all types of patients, not just heart related, and you get the experience of training in abnormal heart rhythms, and basic disease process/treatments.
    I am actually at a point now after 2 years that I want to move on to a unit that deals with sicker patients, which is more challenging. If I had gone to ICU or a cardiac ICU right out of school, I probably wouln't have survived the stress...All I wanted in school was to do trauma in the ER or ICU, and all the experienced nurses I knew said do 2 years of med/surg first (telemetry units are included in that). Boy were they right! Took me 6 months to really get comfortable, and I still have to get help with stuff. Now I feel up to the challenge of an ICU, and have been searching for jobs. As far as specializing, there are certifications you can get, but your best training will be hands on, and you must have experience to take the cert tests anyway.
    Good luck and welcome!
  4. by   Erindel RN
    Thanks al7139, I appreciate ur response. That would be a good floor to start out on. Does a telemetry floor hire new grads though? I do have experience as a tech, I hope that would count for something. I plan on going for my adn, then finding a job as a nurse then I am taking nite classes at a state college for the rn to msn 4 year program. It allows u to have ur 2year degree and go straight for msn. I plan on becoming a clinical nurse specialist when I am done. Talk to u later..... erin
  5. by   Inspire1983
    yes they hire new grads. Plenty of my classmates went to tele floors and work with mostly new grads
  6. by   Erindel RN
    Thanks for the response inspire. I do hope to get on that floor once I graduate.