GN new to Cardiac Stepdown

  1. Hello everyone, I am about to start as a new GN on Cardiac Stepdown and would like info, tips and even wishes of what
    1. Experienced cardiac nurses wished we knew upon starting and
    2. Newer or experienced nurses suggest for preparation for this floor to be proficient in the care.

    Thank you all.
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  3. by   surferbettycrocker
    experience will make you proficient in care....
    otherwise---know your medications and MOA for each. and know how to perform a
    12 lead...and know how to page a doctor stat!
  4. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Good advice...I have worked on the telemetry floor as a unit secretary and so I am familiar with what goes on there. I would say know your cardiac enzymes, how to read ekg strips and interventions before giving certain medications.
  5. by   lewjo1
    hands on is the best experience. don't be afraid to ask questions. stay true to the patients you are caring for. there may be days when it can turn into the wild wild west , but don't let this deter you. i started as a gn on a tele unit where i worked as a nurse apprentice before. loved it. practice reading strips , know your med(there is a drug book on ea unit) ,keep up with your cheat sheet(it's your portable brain take the opportunity to learn something new everyday remember nursing is life long learning. congrats!!!! sending you many blessings hope you enjoy it as much as i do!!!!!!

    p.s. never let them see you sweat!!!(the patients
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  6. by   LoveANurse09
    Don't be afraid to call the Dr. If you think something is not right, just call.