Does this sound right?

  1.'s the deal. I just got hired on the cardiac floor. During my interview I was told I would not be ACLS for about a year because it's a big responsibility and etc. I was fine with that in fact I was happy because I really am green to cardiac nursing and I don't feel ready for that responsibility yet. Anyways, I was told the other day that I am scheduled to take my ACLS classes in a few months. When I told my supervisor I thought it would be a year she says' "Gosh no, we typically get people in class a few months off of orientation." Is this what typically happens in your facility? Thanks!
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    It varies, sometimes it is nice to let you get comfortable and you are learning alot all at once. Don't sweat it too much it is much easier than it used to be, just get to know the algorithms (when you get your matierials). Good Luck
  4. by   fgoff
    Relax! it is a great class, Enjoy it! Like any knew skill you will develope them over time! and these days in nursing there is no time like the present! LOL:wink2:
    Keep in mind that in codes it is usually the senior/charge nurse in running the show until the MD arrives. Just check your units procedures to be sure, if you still feel uncomfortable after the class discuss it again with your supervisor!

    Good luck!
  5. by   All_Smiles_RN
    I'm a new nurse (5 months) and was a little nervous about taking ACLS. Let me tell you, I feel so much better after taking the class. Not that I want to run a code (hopefully a stronger experienced nurse will be available) but having the knowledge makes me feel much better. My ACLS instructor suggested that I get hands on with my first few codes, such as doing the compressions, so that I can absorb everything going on around me. Good luck.
  6. by   mamason
    At the facility where I used to work at, they offered the ACLS classes every 6 months. Same with the re-certification course.
  7. by   SEOBowhntr
    ACLS is a great class and you will learn a lot from the class, and it will help you feel much more comfortable with what to do when the real thing happens. ACLS also will help familiarize you with the defibrillator, ambu-bag, transcutaneous pacing pads and other equipment used in a code. Many nurses leave ACLS with an increased confidence level and comfort level for crisis, let yourself be one of those nurses. You have plenty of time to study and get familiar with the info. Rest easy and capture this learning opportunity.
  8. by   shannonleighann
    I was also told that it wasn't necessary to get ACLS as soon as I hired in. Then around a month later I recieved an email telling me when my class would be. I was still very green in ICU but took the class. Like the other posts I have found it very helpful in my practice. The class was fun and easy if you knew your rhythms. Now when I watch a code I know exactly what is going on, what drugs are being used and why. It boosts your confidence and your knowledge base. Where I work ACLS classes are quick to fill up and don't happen very often. I think managers book your place to make sure that you get the opportunity to attend ASAP. Good luck in CV!!