CHF, asthma, and bi-pap use.

  1. My husband has CHF, asthma, and 1 horse shoe shaped kidney. Also has had thyroid removed. He wears a bi-pap at night to help keep his CO2 in check. He is obese, disregards the advice about salt intake. Is on Lasix, prozac, thyroid meds, and a broncho dilator. I've noticed that after he's had increased salt in his diet, the next day or so he c/o sob, wheezing, sweats, low energy,etc. I try and tell him it could be because of the extra pickles, chips, crackers, soy sauce etc from the day before. Increased salt with fluid retention would possible cause some distress and put his chemistry out of whack, right? Any thoughts appreciated. Lisa W
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    Sorry, we can't give medical advice on this site. Please call your husband's Healthcare provider and relay these symptoms in order to get the best, most individualized care possible.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    you are correct in your observations. having a spouse with several health problems who takes meds faithfully but resists diet and other easy keep well ideas, can understand your concerns. husband needs to take ownership of his health, spousal nagging doesn't work.

    accompanying spouse on next appointment might be helpful----you can tell people things but until they actual hear and accept advice, little you can do to change their ways. indvidual medical advice not provided at this website.

    great info here:
    medlineplus medical encyclopedia: heart failure
    the u.s. national library of medicine and the national institutes of health maintain this site. here you'll find diagrams of the heart, definitions, and links to more information on causes, risk factors, symptoms, tests, complications, and treatment.

    best wishes to both of you.