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Hi, I graduated in May and have been working on an ortho/neuro floor since then. I am really wanting to try something more critical. I am applying for a job in a cardiac cath lab. I was... Read More

  1. by   Christi321
    Update #2

    Ok, well they ended up hiring a lady with ER and Telemetry experience that their boss reccomended. I found out on a Friday and was pretty upset. I thought I would be stuck on Ortho/neuro forever. Then the manager called me on Monday and told me he was really upset that he couldn't give me that job and that he was going to make a job up for me in the cardiac surgery area and also have me float to cath lab. He pretty much said I am an experiment for him and he wanted to see if he could make the perfect cardiac nurse. I went in to shadow for a open heart surgery, which I later found out was to see if the main cardiac surgeon approves of me or not (which I think is kinda stupid). Anyways I got the job and I start on Monday. Now the tough part is going to be switching from only working night shifts to early in the morning.

    Thanks to all of you who told me to go for it..ended up getting a job I think I will like even if I didn't get the one I applied for!

  2. by   dianah
    Christi, my last change I too was the "second" choice. But it came around, as it did for you. You'll learn a lot and at least 1) you have a change in the right direction and 2) you know they're TRYING to get you into the Lab. Good for you! Let us know how the new position goes (WAKEY, WAKEY!!!! ). --- D