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Hello Allnurses readers! This is my first posting and have enjoyed many years of reading and gaining invaluable 'inside knowledge'.

I am about to graduate from UF from the ANP track and am looking at cardiology positions. The clinical site where I am now is recruiting me pretty hard however I do not want to accept a position without knowing the contract and what salary I should be expecting. I'm pretty sure the next day I go salary will be mentioned. Also, how would I know if what they are offering is "benchmark"? Any insite on this would be much appreciated. This position would be EP and hospital based.



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Here are a couple of sites - please get back and let us know what the salary range is that you are being offered as a new grad.

My hospital has a neuro service Np listed right now

and the range is ~70 -100K


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Thanks for the link! 70-100k is such a large range! I will definately get back to you about an offer.


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yes, please respond online as I would also like to know. Like you, I am a new grad and just accepted a position with an interventional cardiologist so I would like to know where I fit in.

thanks and good luck.


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jeka, do you mind if I ask what you were offered??

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