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Cardiac Handbook


I am a neuro ICU nurse and I am looking into working in a cardiac ICU. Is there a handbook or good textbook that you have really found helpful working in CCU? Thanks in advance


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When I started in CCU I always had my critical care book from nursing school with me. Read the cardiac section over and over and you'll be fine. The book I used is called Critical Care Nursing: Dx and Management by Linda D. Urden. It's also the only book I used to study for the CMC cert and it's a great reference!

I will check into it! Thank you very much!

Try this: http://fastfactsforcriticalcare.com/

I bought this mini binder as a new grad and still use it as a reference. It's not only cardiac, but has several sections for neuro, drugs, respiratory, etc. I also bought the additional sections for IABP and cardiac surgery. I believe they now have it available as a smartphone app, and it's quite a bit cheaper than the book version.

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This is an excellent resource! Thank you so very much for posting this akaneo!

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Great ICU resources!

Thank you everyone for sharing your resources...these are just what I was looking for!

this may help. Its more general ICU but I found it helpful when I was starting out. I also saved my old text from school: Lewis Medical Surgical