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Does anybody know about capscare nursing school in Florida? I wanted to know the gooods and bads about this school before I send my money. Please help me🙏

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What program are you looking at? Because they do not appear to offer RN or LPN education- just a remedial course for those whose licenses have lapsed OR have failed NCLEX multiple times.


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RN,I called and ask the admissions. They told me the offerRN program.

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MMJ, they do have an unaccredited ASN program that is approved by the FL BON. Pass rates are pretty abysmal though.


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RN,I called and ask the admissions. They told me the offerRN program.

OP: With terrible pass rates like RoseQueen was kind enough to post- steer clear. They are unaccredited, and the BON in Florida has them under the microscope. Keep looking- you do NOT want to attend an unaccredited program. And do NOT believe what they tell you- these types of programs are the lowest of the low in my experience.


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Ok thanks.


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That's not true they offer lpn-rn


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Capscare Academy for Health Care Education is "Approved" by the state of Florida.  Students can attend and are perfectly able to take the boards. They offer a full RN program, but you must attend. It is known as a brick an mortar school, students must attend in person. Hopefully, they have better business practices.

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