Can't seem to get a spot for the RN PAX exam at Hunter College!!


I want to apply for the nursing program at Hunter college, but I just can't seem to get a spot for the PAX exam!!! About two weeks ago I went on the nln website to register for, but they only had dates up to December, and they were all no longer available. I found out yesterday that they posted up later dates, so I excitedly logged into the website again, just to be met with disappointment. So many different dates and times up til the end of february...all no longer such a short span of time too... Does a session only seat 10 people? I find it really hard to believe (or I'm just sad and in denial) that they're all full! I've e-mailed nln asking whether there were still spots, but haven't gotten a response yet. I haven't even applied tot he program yet and I'm already frustrated! What are your experiences like with registering to take the RN PAX exam at Hunter?