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Hi everyone, I am in some desperate need of advice............I always dreamed of becoming an RN but I dropped out of Nur2 for the second time ....I HATE med/surg. I really can't get passed it and now I'm thinking this might not be for me but the thought makes me very sad :cry:. I spent so much time getting here and now I feel worse that I dropped out AGAIN than if I would have dealt with the anxiety...I feel like i let my family down and made a lot of people happy who were jealous...On top of all the anxiety from clinical s I am also dealing with depression in my personal life and I was told you have to have tough skin to survive nursing school and I don't I am very sensitive so dealing with depression made me sink even faster. Now I don't know what to do. Some say go into another health field...I was thinking sonography but not sure... others said do lpn and see what its really like. I wanted to be a L&D nurse can you do this straight out of rn it specializing...I would like to work OB thats y I was thinking sonography but im not getting any younger and I'm becoming so impatient its driving me crazy. I am so stuck... Please any advice will be very helpful.


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Hi Nani, I just wanted to respond to your post.....

it is not easy.....and I hope other RN's and students weigh in..but I wouldn't say you "have to have tough skin" to be a nurse...Nurses deal with a lot in evey are human..we are human..don't beat yourself up..and don't let that discourage seem that you really want to do this...and you are coming along so far...Why do you think you can't finish your Med/Surg...are you having a problem academically or it is the emotional aspect of the clinicals? What are you having anxiety about? What is really bothering you?

Let me tell you something...If I could tell you my story of anxiety and depression, you would not believe how I even made it through my CNA program. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.. What is in your heart? What do you really want to do? If you want to be a L/D RN, then you know what you have to do to get there. That is exactly what I want to do.

I've backed out of school so many times before, b/c I was afraid, and scared, and wasted time, but now I am in it head strong, making 4.0's, President's list, and yeah, I deal with the anxiety and depression that comes along with clinicals and just life in general, but somehow I did it and i am doing it. I am still scared as anything...but I prove myself wrong..and I am stronger than I thought I was..and so are you...I know that feeling of thinking you let people down, or the other ones who were "jealous" of you (b/c I have people like that in my family), are liking your it. In the end yeah, it's nice for people to be proud of you, but you have to be proud of it for yourself...and because YOU want to, not b/c you feel you have to..and if you don't want to..then that's okay didn't lose...but I think you do want to do this.

Are you able to talk to someone about how you feel? We all know that Anxiety and Depression is not healthy for you, both physically and emotionally, and when you are in a challenging program such as nursing, you want to have these issues tamed, that does not mean you won't be dealing with any of it..I don't anyone who doesn't have some sort of anxiety or depression. In fact many healthcare workers, including Rn's suffer from these disorders. But if you think you need some help, never be afraid to ask and get some help okay...that doesn't mean you are a bad person or less smarter or a bad are human..we all have issues..I joke I have a whole subscription!! But I hope you can find some resolve, and in the end, I hope you do what makes you happy and healthy.:)

Please feel free to contact me if you ever need to vent

Take Care,


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In reality you are the only one who could answer your question. Maybe shadow with a Nurse LPN/RN and/or Sonographer and ask yourself if it is right for you. Don't jeopardize your health in the process. I felt like I could be everyone's mom in my school but that was nothing compared to the challenges that I had to face with tests and clinicals. Forget about your age think about what you want for your future and go for it. And by the way this is your path, your career, so try not to worry about how other people feel about the way you are handling your life. I know that can be hard with family, but perhaps you can have a talk with them and let them know your feelings. Many Blessings to you on the journey you choose.


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What problems are you having with med/surg? Well, I was having problems with the class myself and I found a way to pass it. I just used the nursing process. When ever we learned a a disease I made a "assessment" column and wrote down everything I would assess for. Then I made a "intervention" column and wrote down every intervention I would do, then I made a "evaluation" column and wrote down everything I would look for after my intervention. Then when I studied I would make up a patient say "A 34 y/o male admitted for CHF" I would think "ok, what would I assess for? patient c/o blah blah blah what would my intervention be?" This way it will help you critically think. I'm a visual person so this helped me out a lot. Good luck

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Please think about dealing with your depression so you can have a good assessment of your future.

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Thank You so much for the encouragement....

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Okay, so not everyone is cut out to be a nurse. So, don't worry about what the other people think, it is your life. When you have taken a path that turns out to be the wrong one, everyone feels a bit ashamed, frustrated, and sad. I won't approach the issue of dealing with your depression issues, others have done that already. The important thing is to take some action and get going in another direction. It could be that your idea of what it is like working in Labor and Delivery is not reality. Your assessment skills must be excellent in that dept., and it is highly specialized. Not the place for a borderline student/graduate nurse at all. So, if you like working around laboring moms, train to be a Doula. This will give you some real world experience working with midwives, and allow you to be in the environment you wish, providing a much requested human service (for moms that go the natural-route). From there you can get a better idea whether you are really cut out for nursing. As long as you have pre-requisites already for a health career, consider another area, if you don't like the idea of being a Doula. It doesn't have anything to do with moms and babies, but I think the biggest "bang for your buck" in an associates degree program is a Physical Therapy assistant (PTA). Recruiters have been begging for years to get PTA's, and they are in short supply. Just choose another direction and go for it. The depression will likely take care of itself once you break free from the bonds of inertia and guilt.

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