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Can't get away from school...


Even on the break!

I have been filling my mind with silly murder mysteries since my last final. Then a couple of days ago I decided to start reading through Pathophys made incredibly easy. Thought I would begin a layer and let it sink in awhile.

Well, it was a new book and I was reading all of it... contributors, foreward, etc. What should catch my eye at the end of the foreward but my pharm instructor's signature... all her names and letters! No wonder pharm was so hard... she writes the books on these things!:D

I can't even get away from these people on break! It's scary!

PUT DOWN YOUR BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!! Now go put your feet up for awhile or make some cookies. I insist! :D

I know how you feel. I took my last final on Tuesday and ever since then I've been looking over IV calculations for next semester, I bought a NCLEX-PN review book I have been looking over every day, and there are some notes that I did not get around to typing this semester that I want to get to this weekend. I just cant get out of the studying mentality for anything. Maybe this weekend I will have some fun. You too!:D :chuckle

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