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I am a new-grad LPN, just passed my NCLEX-PN on Oct. 2nd.

I've been looking for anything available...I started off hoping to find a job in a hospital setting but there was a grand total of one hospital position for a LPN that I found, and it required 5 years experience. Went to nursing homes next-I searched online job boards, went to the facility websites, went to facilities in person to fill out applications and try to get an interview. I've started applying for tech jobs (like pt. transport, unit secretary, CNA) and looking for positions in surrounding states. I've applied for every available shift, per diem, temp positions, ANYTHING....but still, I'm getting nowhere :crying2:

I'm getting really frustrated and the depression has been starting to creep in. I know I shouldn't take it personally, that it's a tough market, that I just have to keep plugging along and it's only been a month. But it's just so frustrating...I worked really hard in nursing school, I graduated at the top of my class and I really poured my heart into it. I have great references from my clinical instructors, even my program director who normally doesn't give them. But it's like none of that matters...I can't even get an interview. I'm now working on my RN through Excelsior and I'm thinking about just giving up on the job search and putting all of my energy into that so I can finish it quickly, but I'm worried that I'll find myself in the same position as a new-grad RN with no experience. The whole point of getting my LPN first was to get my license in the shortest time possible, so that I could work as a nurse while doing my RN and still be able to support my family.

Does anyone have advice? And those of you who are in the same boat, feel free to use this thread to vent...helps to know I'm not alone! :nurse:

I feel your pain... I am an experienced RN and can't get a job in CT. Thankfully I am employed in KY, but my wife's job transfered to CT. So Now we are living 700 miles apart and making frequent trips back and forth. The nurse recruiters I am speaking with are saying to give it a year and things will start to turn around. Hospitals in CT are receiving 100s of applicants for every position they have open. I have been told that if you don't have a family member employed at the hospital, to put down as a referral, to forget about even getting an interview.

I am also trying to be creative and seek out any and all job opportunities.... been looking for almost 3 months now.

Where in CT are you located??

I am also a new grad LPN, I graduated in April and have not found anything! I have gone places, applied online, applied on facility websites, and nothing. It is very frustrating, but do not give up. I have been out of school for 8 months now and have now found anything, but eventually something will come along. Can you tell me a little bit about excelsior, i am thinking about doing it and do you have any pre-reqs done?

Any new updates on finding a job?

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Be sure to favorite and monitor the State of Connecticut jobs board. I know that their Dept of Developmental Services (formerly known as the Department of Mental Retardation) division always has a ton of openings (both full-time and 32 hour part-time openings) for both LPNs and RNs at locations all across the state. With the state, it does not matter to it if you have a AS, ADN or BSN, as long as you're licensed as a registered nurse they will hire you. Also, once you're hired into a state service job its easier to do a lateral transfer into other state jobs. Here's the link to the State of CT employment job posting site:

State Agency Job Sites

I also know that the following state of CT departments located in the above link often have multiple openings for RNs/LPNs: Corrections (DOC), UCONN Health Center, Children and Families (DCF), and Mental Health and Addiction (DMHAS).

Hope this helps.

Good idea! Yes i saved that site to my favorites and check it every day or so but i have only seen one lpn position and that wasn't there for too long. But i think this is another great option to look for employment. I'll keep checking! Thank you for the reply!

Lol now i just looked and their was 3 LPN postitions available!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a job in agawam at heritage hall. They hire new grads and there are four buildings here do apply at each one! Good luck!

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