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Well, first of all we had our first patho test yesterday. I really wasn't able to study as much as I wanted to because my dh and I went to Morro Bay this weekend. He forbid me to take my school stuff, so I wasn't able to study for 2 whole days!

I got a 92%!! :D It wasn't high score, but that's okay...I still got an A.

The other thing...I was awarded a $1000 scholarship! I just found out on Tuesday, and I am so excited. I thought for sure they were done handing out the money...maybe I was on a waiting list or something and someone declined...I don't know, I'm just very excited about it!:D


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woohoo! congrats on the A! and also on the extra $$$. The financial aid coordinator at my school sent out several broadcast emails saying that there was scholarship money still available. This was 4 weeks into the semester! I didn't qualify for any of them, otherwise I would have applied in a second. Congrats again!



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Congrats, sagelola! Doesn't it make you feel just great?! So happy for you! :)



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some people just have all the luck in the world




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woot! Congrats! :D


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Way to go Sagelola! Keep up the good work and congratulations on your scholarship. :wink2:

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