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Hello everyone,

I am currently in Seattle area finishing my 3rd contract in ED. I am wondering if anyone who knows of an agency familiar for recruiting Canadian RNs for travel positions in California. I finally got my CALI license, yay! I am hoping for SFO as my next contract. I spent 3 contracts in a "not desirable location" to get the successful contracts in my resume and I am now ready to travel for "location".

I love my present recruiter but they are uncertain with a 3 year letter for my TN. They can only do one year at a time. I think they still think of TN as maximum one year. With the present immigration situation, I'd like to lock in a 3 year work TN.

I only plan of staying with one agency because "compliance is a headache". I've emailed some agencies already and awaiting reply. I just thought that maybe some Canadians in the forum might be able to give me leads.

Thank you guys!



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Your best bet for a Canadian welcome wagon are the large agencies. These include American Mobile (CA based), Cross Country, and RN Network. All of them will have good options for CA and nationwide. Emerald and Valley Health are also good sized agencies based in California.


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Thank you Ned for the reply. I will send them emails and will update when i hear from them.



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I'm not convinced emails is the way to go over calling.