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Hi everyone,

Ive been a RN in Québec for 2 years now. I'm finishing my bachelor's degree in june. I'd like to go to California as a travel nurse. Does anyone know how I can acheive that? Do you have any agencies to recommend? Where do I start?

Thank you!

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Honestly? Start by getting a California nursing license.

I'm not being facetious. The California Board of Nursing (BRN) has very strict educational standards for those seeking licensure. It's fairly common for foreign graduates to encounter difficulties getting their license because their nursing programs didn't have all the content California requires. Heck, some domestic grads have problems getting licensed too!

And the CA BRN has no problem whatsoever with telling an applicant, "sorry but No."

Start with some research here:

Licensure by Endorsement

and most specifically:

Hopefully between the program you took for initial licensure and the BSN program, you'll meet all the educational requirements. If you don't, then you'll need to correct the deficiencies before CA will license you.

And don't think you could get around any deficiencies by getting another US state nursing license and then trying to endorse into CA that way. The CA BRN will always look at the applicant's education. CA doesn't care that NY/MI/FL/whoever licensed you--that doesn't mean THEY have to.

Generally, I don't hear about Canadians having problems getting licensed. But look at those links so you know what you have to do.

Thank you for you answer! From what I red also I need a SSN but i'm not from the US. How can I get one?

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Thank you for you answer! From what I red also I need a SSN but i'm not from the US. How can I get one?

That I don't know off the top of my head, so I asked Professor Google:

Start here.

Also, there's no nursing shortage here in the US, plus there's tons of foreign-educated nurses already in CA. Unless you possess some extraordinary talent or are willing to fill a spot that few want, don't expect companies to rush to sponsor you on a work visa. Be sure to sort out your eligibility to work here.

Have you looked into whether there are Canadian travel nursing agencies that send nurses on assignment across the border?

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Unless in the US with a valid work/immigrant visa you can not apply for a US SSN

To get a SSN you can start to work in another state (TN) and endorse, but it doesn't mean that you'll meet CA educational requirements....It looks complicated and you might not get the desired outcome.

Hey I'm also in Quebec and I think that we might have the same first name

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Hi I have a question. Do Canada not have travel assignments ? I've been looking but most information are Canadian nurses traveling to USA. 

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