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Canadian RN to work in Florida


Hi, I am a recent grad from a BSCN program in Canada. The job prospects for new grads is not that great here so I was thinking about moving to Florida to work. The process to get licensed in Florida seems confusing and expensive. I was wondering if there are any Canadians working in Florida that could give me some guidance on how I could get licensed. To me it seems like it would be easier and less expensive to get a Minnesota license and then get endorsement in Florida. I was also wondering if there was a good chance of finding a job seeing how I am a new grad without much paid work experience.

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Before you can send in your application to Florida you have to have CES or other accepted evaluation of your training done by approved company. Going to another state doesn't always mean it will be easier because same requirements may still need to be meet if endorsing to another state. My initial state application was New York and when i endorsed to AZ I still had to get CES done and meet new requirements before a license was issued.

There are many nurses struggling to find work in the US and I think Florida is one so you may still have issues on finding employer who needs to provide employment letter for you to get a TN work visa

i have similar situation too.... i graduated from canada as well .. i have passed my nclex exam too....i applied to many RN jobs ...but they ask for 1 year experience . i don't know how would i get 1 year experience if no one hires me as a new grad ..soomebody please tell me how i should go about it ..some places they don't hire international nurses. does anyone know which website i can use to apply for jobs for canadian nurses in US .. thanks


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I'm an LPN in Florida going to RN school in the Tampa Bay area. There are few if any jobs for new grad RNs. It seems all of the facilities require 1 yr of acute care experience.