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Canadian RN trying to work in Michigan


Hi everyone,

I am a practicing Canadian nurse who graduated in 2012 when the required exam was the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam (CRNE). I am inquiring to write my NCLEX in the hope of working in Michigan in the near future. I have spoken to the Michigan Licensing board and they explained to me that their state requires a candidate to have written the exam within 2 years of graduating from a nursing program. Since its been 8 years, I would have to complete the entire nursing program again, or I can apply for a license in a different state as a Canadian, and then have that licence transferred to Michigan. My question is, is this information correct? One person from the Michigan board I spoke to wasn't sure if this applies to CRNE nurses who have been practising. Basically I'm getting very unclear answers from Michigan. If it is true, which states would allow me to apply for a license to write the NCLEX, and then allow that to be transferred to Michigan. Has anyone been in this situation before?

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 33 years experience.

You have option of applying to the state as an International trained nurse or look at another state, meet their requirements for International trained nurse and then endorse to Michigan.

nlocke, RN

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I am also a Canadian RN graduated in 2003 Michigan wouldn’t let me sit for them either. I have been working critical care between ER and ICU for 10 years full time and they wanted me to pay over 1200$ to do a refresher program and give them free clinical hours (what a joke) I have applied threw Minnesota and they required me to take an NCLEX refresher course which I went threw Kaplan and it was 399$ for there online course but they are allowing me to write the NCLEX and then when I pass I will endorse my license over to Michigan. Hope that helps