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Canadian RN Successfully Licensed with Michigan BON

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Hi everyone, 

I am Canadian new grad and just to share information that I got my RN license with Michigan BON for less than 2 months (July 9 - Aug 23). 

Michigan is my 2nd option. I applied here since I have contact with potential employer as well as why not while waiting for the decision of my first choice - Maine. 

Applying to Michigan is straightforward. Since I passed NCLEX in ON, Canada, I completed an Endorsement application via online application. They only required 1. SSN (can be waived by signing SSN affidavit form), 2. Criminal Background Check, 3. Canadian License Verification, and 4. Nursing School Transcript or Certification/Roster. 

I contacted Michigan BON and they said that CGFNS Visa Screen Certificate could be used in lieu of my Canadian transcripts; therefore, I paid CGFNS to send Visa Screen Letter. But after a while of waiting for their decision, I eventually requested a transcript from my university. I requested this 1.5 weeks before Michigan gave me the RN license. So I do not know which one was used. 

I am still indecisive at the moment. Detroit Medical Centre seems to be a good employer. It has a magnet designation so I am into it. 

Please do ask questions. 

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Hey, this is good news to hear! Are you still waiting for Maine to give you a licence then? Seems like a really long time. I think you’re wise to consider other options. 

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