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Canadian RN to NYC OR

by Jine Jine (New) New


I'm from Canada and recently graduated from an OR course similar to Periop101 and I've been working at a level 1 trauma center for a few months.

If COVID-19 didn't happen, and we are back in "normal times,"

1. I want to know if it is common for NYC hospitals to hire international OR nurses.
2. Is there usually an orientation for newly hire staff in the OR even if they were previously experienced at a different facility (or country in my case)?
3. Do RNs only circulate in NYC hospitals or is scrubbing an option too? (I know there are scrub techs in USA).

Thank you 😀

RickyRescueRN, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU, Trauma, CCT,Emergency, Flight, OR Nursing. Has 25 years experience.

You will need to take the US NCLEX exam in order to become licensed as a RN in the US (New York State, if that is where you are wanting to live). Your training & education will also need to be evaluated through the CGFNS to ensure it meets or exceeds the US equivalency for RNs. You will also need a company (Hospital or Travel Nurse company) to sponsor a work permit for you in order to be able to come to the US to work.

Most ORs offer an orientation program for new hires which may last 2-3months .

In many OR's RNs function both in the Scrub nurse and circulating nurse role. It largely depends on the hospital . Many of the large teaching hospitals usually have RNs scrub and circulate (such as where I work).

Good luck on your journey

Thanks for your response Ricky!

I already passed my NCLEX exam and I'm waiting for NYSED to review my license application sent by CGFNS (but there's an extra long wait because of COVID-19).

Originally I was just planning to apply to hospitals and ask them to sponsor a work permit.

Do you know any Travel Nurse companies you can recommend?