Canadian RN - Does it matter which state board I apply to for writing the Nclex?



I'm a new grad RN in Canada, educated in Canada, and I want to write the Nclex soon.

I've done some research and I know that there are several states that do not require Canadian nurses to do the extra CGFNS portion of the exam for international nurses.

What I'm wondering is if it matters what state I choose to apply to write the exam with?

Is the Nclex exam the same in every state?

Are there any Canadian nurses out there who have written the Nclex and have suggestions for which state I should apply to?

Thanks for your help!

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You are not applying for NCLEX but to be a licensed nurse in the US. NCLEX is just a part of that process.

The exam is a national exam and I presume you will be applying for a TN visa therefore you are probably better applying to the state you plan on working in as you generally still have to meet their requirements for foreign trained nurse even when endorsing


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In the US, each state licenses nurses individually to work in that state (except for the NLC (Nurse Licensure Compact), which is a slightly different kettle of fish). Whichever state you initially apply to in order to be authorized to write the NCLEX, you will end up needing to be licensed in the state in which you're going to live and work, so you might as well apply to that state initially -- it will save you the additional cost of getting a license in one state and then paying additional fees to get a license in another state (the fees can be significant).

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