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  1. I am a new grad RPN working on a neurosurgery floor. I have recently enrolled in an OR program in order to be trained as a scrub nurse (as RPN's are not able to be circulating nurses---at least not in Ontario). I thought I did adequate research and initially believed that my wages more than likely would increase as a scrub nurse. However, I am hearing otherwise from various sources. I obviously do not want to waste my money if it will not benefit me. I also do not want to lose my skills as other nurses are telling me. I am interested in the OR environment, however, not at the risk of losing my skills. Are there any nurses out there that can clarify my issues for me?
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  3. by   jeckrn
    As far as wages sorry I have no idea. When it comes to losing skills you will lose your basic assignment skills, I have worked ED for years and it would take me sometime now to get those skills back but I also worked in the ED for the most part of 10 years with some breaks to other units from time to time. As a nurse in the OR I also have developed a new skill set which would be lost if I went back to the ED.
  4. by   magnoliya
    you cannot preserve all your skills in all the fields all the time. But this OR can be YOUR career. You enrolled in an OR program in order to make a career and your wage might not go up immediately. Think about other benefits like better shifts and prestige.
    Nevertheless if you want to develop broad range of skills you might want to consider second job. Do not put all your eggs in one basket! Especially now, when you are a new grad and have not chosen your path. work like 2-3 shift in OR and 2 shifts in Internal medicine unit. You skills will be up to date and if you do not like one of your employers you can simply leave to another place.
  5. by   Successfulalways
    Thank you so much for your input. I have decided to stick with it. If I like it great if not..that's's a learning experience and I will move on. Currently, I am also a homecare nurse so, I can go back to neuro or my home care. Or as another respondent had mentioned, I can simply split my shifts up and work OR a couple of shifts and a medicine floor another couple of shifts.