Canadian nurse seeking to travel, but to where?


Me and and gf will be graduating from our BSCN program this spring and will be working 6 months full-time in Ontario, Canada on a medical unit at our local hospital.

We love to travel and see the world and have been looking into workout overseas, but where?

We have family living in Australia and thought that we may want to work there for some time, however, the rate of pay is not that great.

Would finding an International Travel agency be wise? Could anyone recommend any company?

What would your suggestions be if I decided to go through with International nursing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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Unless you go to the US, the pay is going to be lower. Australia is fairly easy for Canadians. A friend of mine from Toronto did it and had a great time. The UK is a lot harder now thanks to their registration requirements.

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Most International agencies want two years fo experience. Remember that things will not be done like you are learning right now.............please get the experience before doing any type of international travel. You need a really solid orientation first. And the experience time doesn't start to count until you are out of orientation. That time is not included.

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