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Hey all,

looking for some advice. I am a Canadian nurse and I know Florida is offering lots of incentives to make the move. Have been looking into it recently but wanted to know how the nursing jobs are over there?

I have also done the Botox and fillers course, would this help me in any way to work as a nurse injector?

Thanks for all your help!

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Nursing is hard in Florida. I don't know how nursing is where you're from, but it is a different world from where I worked in the northeast. The euphemism all us transplants use is that "the healthcare culture is different". Plus the pay is low and the nurse patient ratios are high. Certain hospitals are better than others, and if you are working outpatient doing injections you won't run into the same issues as inpatient nurses. I've only ever worked in hospitals so I can't comment on outpatient jobs. But plenty of people move here so it's clearly not rough enough to keep us away. I got my start down here traveling, which is nice, because I am trying out different health systems before I settle on a permanent job.

Hi, last time I checked Florida only allows Nurse Practitioners to inject Botox. If you are NP already should be no problem.


Lina C.

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