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Hello everyone, 

I graduated in 2016 from 2 year LPN diploma in Canada. We had a semester for maternity, peds and mental health and lab days where we were taught how to take care of this population and in the end we had to perform case study scenario which was tested by 2 instructors and it was pass or fail. 

Unfortunately there were no placements in peds or maternity or psych when I did my schooling as they won't hire LPNs over those departments. Instead I was sent to community to do my clinical with developmental disabilities for that semester. 

Now I applied for WA state and they denied my education because of no clinical hours in OB, peds or mental health. 

I have like 8 weeks in LTC, 3 weeks in Community and 16 weeks including preceptorship in acute care both medicine and surgery...

On top of it, I am experienced LVN. Like 5 years in acute medicine and surgery. 

I am just so devastated that there are so many obstacles... like I will never even work in peds pr OB. Why make license so hard?

Now my question is does anyone if any BON will accept my application with No actual OB, peds and mental health clinical? 

I do have SSN, so I can apply to any state.

Thank you for reading. 







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I'm no expert on individual State BON's but I can tell you that the courses/clinicals you're missing are part of a standardized curriculum in the U.S. 

My 2 cents...I highly doubt your diploma will be accept by any BON. However, the only way to truly find out is to contact each state's BON and ask them directly.

Good luck!

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Nurses in the U.S. are educated as generalists who can work in any setting post graduation and licensure.  To qualify for licensure by examination in most states,  nursing education courses need to include supervised clinical experience across the life span as part of the curriculum and is equivalent in amount and time to each states Board of Nursing approved programs. 

Internationally educated applicants must have their official nursing education program transcript evaluated by a board-approved credentials evaluation service (CES). When CES determines course deficiency, only way to remediate is to retake LPN education in the US or additional education to become an Registered nurse.

Link to all states board of nursing found at the bottom every allnurses page.


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Hey Sean1991, any luck with sorting out your deficiencies? I have almost thesame problem...


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arleneyuh said:

Hey Sean1991, any luck with sorting out your deficiencies? I have almost thesame problem...

Hey, no luck. WA refused my application due to clinical deficiencies. Tbh I am not interested in filling those deficiencies... from what I read someone said one school was asking for 20k for deficiencies... I would rather pay that money for ADN and get better pay as well and advance my career. 

I decided to go for Minnesota which MN BON confirmed that they treat Canadian grads differently than forgien educated nurses. All I have to do is online application, ask my Canadian BON to send license and education verification. No need to involve school either. And finally writing NCLEX. 

from what I heard is MI, MN and NY BONs accept Canadian education easily. Other BON have too many requirements and are picky if you didn't take certian prerequisites or clinical hours or placement based on specialty. 

I hope I won't have any issue with MN then I might endorse to Illinois and go for my LPN to ADN which will be a year program. 

hope all this helps


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Thank you Sean1991,

   What is very frustrating about my case is....I already PASSED NCLEX!! Florida Board was nice enough to wave my deficiencies since I had even more hours than are required in Pediatrics. So they balanced it out. But I moved to Michigan and they are not having it! Unfortunately they are not a compact state. I am an international grad who gave up on trying to get licensed in Canada. Even more hopeless that way...


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That's pretty stupid. I am glad it worked out for you in Florida. 

Are you RN?

Canada is pretty strict and it's very lengthy process. It took my wife who is American over an year to get Canadian license. This whole process is pretty stupid. 

Actually I contacted MI as well which I forgot to mention because there was a school that I liked.  MI said to me if CGFNS said there is deficiency then I have to complete those clinicals.

So far Minnesota is the only one that seem pretty chill for now but will see when I get my license.. Illinois and California never ever respond. 

Ny been the other easy state (that's what I heard) but I don't have personal experience

Again I feel its pretty stupid as I practiced in Canada for 6 years as a LPN and now these people say my education has deficiency and that too in part that I would never practice  (Peds and OB)

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