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Hi there.. I have some questions about visa options..

I just graduated from UCLA NP program (masters degree), and have a job offer. I have F1 status still and plan to use OPT to work for a year and then possibly apply for H-1B. I already have an SSN and have passed my NCLEX. My questions:

1. I believe you do not need VisaScreen for OPT, is that right?

2. Do NPs need a VisaScreen at all? They are not listed as one of the required professions on the CGFNS website.

3. Can NPs use TN visas? (I'm Canadian)

4. Any issues anyone can foresee as I go down this road..?


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VSC is not required for OPT but is required for h1b, TN or immigrant visa. Yes NP should be able to use TN but if your employer is willing consider EB1 or EB2 immigrant visa which EB1 is current so can AOS and get GC quickly and EB2 has a 3 year wait which is quicker than EB3

Thanks. NPs are generally eligible for EB-1? The extraordinary ability criteria seems outrageous.

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

Off the top of my head I can't remember what fits into EB1 but a good chat with an immigration lawyer experienced in nursing may be able to help

The immigration lawyer I spoke with wasn't sure if NP positions qualify under TN and suggested that the offer letter brought to the border just says 'registered nurse' on it. Maybe I need a different lawyer :)

But if we go the TN route, a couple of questions..

1. the VSC just needs to be for the RN education received in Canada? The NP education from UCLA doesn't have to be even mentioned anywhere, from what I gather.. that sound right?

2. You need to have an ACTIVE license from Canada? But that also can just be RN license not NP license?

3. We are already in the US but considering going to mexico and returning that way to process TN rather than use AOS or go back to Canada.


Congrats on your nursing advancement! I would pose all your concerns to the CA BON directly and get some answers that can guide you.

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