University of Calgary January 2019

  1. Hello, future nurses!

    I'm a current U of C student who applied through the degree holder route. I'll be graduating at the end of this year. Please feel free to post any questions here!

    Another round of applications is starting soon for the January 2019 intake of Transfer and/or Degree Holder students. Here's the U of C page for their info:
    Degree Holder

    One of the most common questions is whether the courses you have taken meet the faculty's pre-requisites. The best way to be sure is to email a screenshot of your transcript to and ask if you are missing anything.

    Important note! As of 2019, the faculty is changing the schedule for the summer terms.
    "We will compress all courses in Term 4 and Term 7 to be offered over a 9-week period from late April to the end of June. The result would be an intense spring term, but students would have no scheduled nursing courses during July and August."

    While having 2 months off sounds great for some, it causes trouble for others (student loans, jobs, child care etc.). Please be aware of this change before applying.

    Best of luck!
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  3. by   Maria94
    Hi all! I have just applied to the degree holder route for January 2019. I graduated in 2017 with a BSc in Psychology and if I calculated things correctly, I should be applying with a 3.88 GPA.

    For anyone reading this who has done the degree holder route before, did you have a chance to work at any point during the degree? If not, were you able to get student loans for each term? For my last degree, I was able to work full time each spring/summer to make it through the year, so I am nervous about the fact that there are only 2 short breaks in this program. Are most students able to make the finances work? And are there many Undergraduate Nurse jobs in Calgary that offer flexible shifts for the degree holder route students to apply for?
  4. by   Kenobi

    I know quite a few individuals who worked throughout their degree. It depends on how strong you are academically and what you wish to achieve in terms of grades. U of C nursing is broken down into 8 terms and degree holders start in term 3. The general consensus is that terms 3 and 4 are not too heavy, but terms 5 and 6 are difficult so you may need to re-evaluate your work schedule. Term 7 quiets down a bit, and term 8 is your full time practicum.

    With the new schedule, you will have July and August off for term 4 and term 7. The faculty does not seem to know how this will impact student loans, but it should free up a couple of months for you to work.

    I was able to receive student loans for each of my terms.

    Hope this helps!
  5. by   HarryKane
    Thanks for creating this thread!

    I'm interested in applying through the degree holder route, but I won't officially graduate until the fall (after the application deadline). Any idea whether I'm still eligible for the program?
  6. by   Kenobi
    Hi there HarryKane,

    Do you mean you won't complete your degree requirements before the fall? Or do you mean that you will complete all the requirements but the official convocation will not occur until then?
  7. by   HarryKane
    Sorry Kenobi, I should have specified. I will have completed all of the requirements for my degree, but it won't be conferred until November.
  8. by   Kenobi
    No worries! In my previous degree, I had a "Program Completion Letter" I could download to prove that I had met all of the requirements for the degree even though my graduation ceremony is later. Does your institution have something like that? If so, I would suggest emailing it to to ask if it satisfies their requirements.
  9. by   mque

    Just wanted to meet all potential applicants for the 2019 accelerated nursing program at UofC. Have you applied yet? what is your GPA going in?
  10. by   Randy525
    Hi, I have submitted my application in mid July. My GPA should be sitting around 3.85 but I'm not entirely sure yet! I'm still in the process of completing some of the prereqs and that got me worried...
  11. by   Glowree
    Hi guys. Have also submitted my application. Hurrying to finish up prereqs as well. My last exam is on the 7th of Sept. I hope that will not be too late.
  12. by   Glowree
    When is your last prerequisite exam, Randy?
  13. by   Randy525
    Hi! My last final exam is scheduled on the 13th of August which is essentially two days from now lol..Can I ask which prereqs you're currently taking??
  14. by   Glowree
    Wow. Good luck! Done with Anat n physio, and English. I am currently taking psychology and statistics. What's your last exam? Did you take stat? I need tips on hiw to prepare for it.