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I applied to the U of C Winter 2017 program! I took the Athabasca University A/P course and haven't done well in it due to some family health issues that have taken most of my time. It is strange for... Read More

  1. by   kneuroknut
    Have you received your registration package in the mail? I am hoping that will address many of my questions. How did you know what classes to enrol in? I feel like I'm missing something lol.
  2. by   Amigone
    Degree holders should enroll in all term 3 classes. There is info on the external website. Videos about what we will learn, etc. Check out the faculty of nursing undergrads section.

    I can link you tomorrow if you haven't found it. I'm at work until 11 tonight.
  3. by   hartab
    I just registered today because I still haven't received the package regarding application steps yet. I got accepted on the 15th so I'm guessing it takes a while to get the registration info sent out. I did like Amigone mentioned above though and registered for the same classes. Looks like we will all take the same three classes together and they are all in the same class room. The only one that will vary is the lab, but it's time and location is to be determined.

    I guess for now I'm just going to wait for the application package before going forward with anything else!

    here is the link to the courses to register for by term..

    Program of Study | Faculty of Nursing | University of Calgary
  4. by   kneuroknut
    I registered today too! Thanks for the help.
  5. by   Amigone
    Yay! Is anyone else going to the open house on Saturday?
  6. by   kneuroknut
    I won't be there. I have swim officiating courses there on Sunday morning so I don't want to go in two days in a row. Have fun!!
  7. by   RedCoat52
    Is anyone coming out of town? I'm not sure where I should be looking for housing lol
  8. by   Amigone
    For housing, stick close to the C-train line if you're going to use transit. The school is in the NW. I live in the south, but close to Southland station so I can just hop on a train and hang out until it gets to the school. If you go to the NE or pretty far west, you'll have to trade trains downtown. RedCoat, where are you coming from?

    Also, I found this:

    I'm waiting somewhat impatiently for my registration package.

    The RN I work with who was in school recently said to wait before buying textbooks, she foudn that sometimes the edition would change from one semester to another. I wonder if the faculty knows what, if any, changes might be made.
  9. by   hartab
    How much you want to spend on living will play a lot into where you choose to live... certain areas that are trendier like Kensington, anywhere around the river or downtown will be a bit costly, but the farther you go out North or South, the cheaper it is. Keep in mind that Calgary is very wide spread, so I would try and look for something near the campus or around the SW.

    I just made appointments for updating some shots, n95 mask fittings, I will wait for November I think to take a CPR/AED-HCP class, but the costs are slowly building up. I read through the nursing handbook that they have online and it outlines everything that the package will most likely cover. Im going to get my background check done starting in October. It says to have one done, which includes a vector search, within 3 months prior to beginning classes. I also read we need a unicard, which is free and obtained on campus or online that will allow access to certain facilities and what not.

    I guess the last thing I need to take care of is getting a pair of shoes to wear in clinical settings?

    Question - where did you guys find out the information regarding the books that will be used in the classes? Thanks!
  10. by   Amigone
    I guess the background check from when I started my job 8 years ago is out of date!

    I wonder if my shoes I wear to work now will do. When I took my HCA I had to wear white shoes but I have nice New Balance ones. I'm due for N95 fitting at work but we keep internal records, and I will not receive a card so I should probably book an appointment. Where are you going? How much? My CPR was just done through work in April through Heart and Stroke so that's good. Just need to print confirmation.

    Where did you find which vaccines we need? I'm 95% sure I'm up to date except for seasonal flu which will come out next month.

    I'm so excited for classes to start. Is it January yet?
  11. by   hartab
    These are the forms you need to print/read over regarding immunizations required/documented proof of and the n95 fit test requirements..

    Required documentation | Faculty of Nursing | University of Calgary

    I'm not sure how much the fit test costs, but I think they can offer a discount if you state you're a student with UoC and the same goes for the background check, but you have to provide proof of enrollment. I made an appointment with Eisan consulting, located downtown. They list several places that offer the service As for the immunizations, I made an appointment with the SU wellness center and they told me it would be $55 for the visit plus an additional $15 for each shot I needed. I think I just have to get my tuberculosis test (mantoux) and seasonal influenza. I made need to get the hep-b antibody blood test or something like that.. I can't remember the name haha. Most of the vaccines you will def already have... MMR, Td, Polio, Hep B/A, etc.

    I didn't see any info regarding the color of the shoes.. I'm guessing white/blue or black? But maybe they don't mind about shoes. I did see that you are allowed white/blue only for shirts under the uniform though...
  12. by   reactiv
    any one else heard back yet or still waiting??!
  13. by   Amigone
    My boss sent me the paperwork they fill out when we do our N95 fit test. I'll submit it and see if it's adequate. Thanks!