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I applied to the U of C Winter 2017 program! I took the Athabasca University A/P course and haven't done well in it due to some family health issues that have taken most of my time. It is strange for... Read More

  1. by   hartab
    Hey Everyone!

    I just found out that I was accepted to the January 2017 degree holder program at UofC too My GPA was around a 3.74 so it looks like they are making their way through applications now. I'm super excited and relieved to finally know that this is a for sure thing. Best of luck to everyone still waiting to hear back and congrats to those who have already gotten in

    ... for the status update.. I logged on this morning to check my "to do" list and it showed no holds, so I scrolled down and the yellow triangle was now a green check. It just asked me to accept or decline, and then after selecting accept it notified me that to confirm the acceptance, I just needed to make a deposit. Heads up, the deposit is $500.
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  2. by   Amigone
    Woohoo! Congrats, hartab!! I paid my deposit through internet banking. Super easy, it was like paying my electric bill!

    Now. I guess I should apply for loans!
  3. by   hartab
    Thanks, Amigone! I still have to pay the deposit probably later tonight. And I also need to look into the costs and figure out the loan process as well, but that's just a matter of getting organized and checking off the next "to do" list haha.
  4. by   reactiv
    Congrats everyone! Still at a green circle so I hope to hear soon. Just wanna check that they only check the GPA of your last 10 courses not the cumulative of all years?
  5. by   Amigone
    I talked to a lady who assured me it was the last 10 only.
  6. by   Amigone
    Did you all see this? Preview Your Day | Open House | University of Calgary

    I don't work that Saturday, so I think I'll make my way down. I haven't been on the UofC campus since I was there for a summer workshop about 15 years ago! They are doing tours of the simulation lab which I think we will use in our studies.

    Also, I did not expect that textbooks would cost as much as they do! I enrolled in my classes as instructed in the admission letter, and checked out the texts. In my previous school (Athabasca Univeristy), texts were included.
  7. by   rjfried
    Hey Kneuroknut! I am just curious, i called U of C the other day and they said that the cutoff average was 3.3 in Fall 2016. Did you apply for the Winter term with a 3.44?
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  8. by   kneuroknut
    I am applying for the degree holder route and they don't do fall entry. So, yes, it was the Winter term last year and I had a 3.44. Apparently there were only 2-3 people ahead of me but it was enough that I didn't get in. The lowest GPA (I can't remember exactly) they took was in the 3.48 range.
  9. by   rjfried
    Hey Kneuroknut!

    Oh alright that makes sense! I didnt realize that they only accepted degree holders in January! I am going to keep on calling them because they give me different answers on GPA cutoffs each time that i call haha! I am applying to the transfer route! Best of luck with this year's applications
  10. by   reactiv
    Hey rjfried, they don't only accept degree holders for January. Transfer students can apply as well, the amount of degree holders is just larger in the January application!
  11. by   sherifat
    The cutoff for last winter was 3.5. I was on 3.49 with three other pple but put on the waitlist until dec 2015 b4 our application were cancelled. so this year they started from 3.6 above. for transfer student i think it is lower. Good luck everyone
  12. by   tdto
    Congrats! Wondering when you submitted your application?
  13. by   Amigone
    I submitted in mid July but I don't think it's first come first served.