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I applied to the U of C Winter 2017 program! I took the Athabasca University A/P course and haven't done well in it due to some family health issues that have taken most of my time. It is strange for... Read More

  1. by   jwillis1
    @Amigone - Yeah it's a line of credit through a bank. CIBC and RBC both consider nursing to be a professional degree, so you generally get a better deal with them - up to $60,000. I used up all my RESP in my first two years of school, and I'm off travelling before the program starts spending my work savings *_*.

    Government loans, even with grants and the nursing bursary aren't enough to cover living expenses - unless you can live at under $500 a month (at least from BC student loans), or intend to hold part-time work during the program.

    I just got approved for $50000+ over 3 years thru CIBC w/ Prime+1 (so 3.7% Interest). You only have to make interest payments until 12 months after graduation, at which point you have to start paying back your principal too. I just applied online, they called me the next day, I answered a few more questions, they called back the same, said I'd been approved, and now I just need to go into a branch in a couple days and set it all up. (I won't be using all of my line of credit - but it'll definitely be helpful to have - I've kept living expenses under $500 a month, and it's not fun >.>)

    Does anyone know how helpful a car would be with our practicums?
  2. by   hartab
    I've applied for a line of credit with the Bank of Montreal. I would call up and look into the banks before applying, don't go for RBC. They seem to have a higher rate added onto prime after you graduate. CIBC is the lowest rate (I think), if you are looking into banks that are accessible in Alberta

    jwillis1- maybe look into registering for a car2go membership for now? That way, you will at least be able to access a car with out having to purchase/rent one and the fee when driving them is super cheap. The only caveat is that after you park and go into somewhere, the car can be reserved and used by another member in the area.

    If you live out towards tuscany or ranchlands, you will have a very long commute every day, back and forth. The public transportation here is decent, but it is so so slow and the buses... avoid the busses if you can and try to be closer to the train stations. Usually, if you can't find studios or 1 rooms that are affordable, there tend to be a lot of basement rentals that seem decently priced!

    Hope this helps
  3. by   Amigone
    Hospital parking is ridiculously expensive. I will probably transit to most places
  4. by   jwillis1
    Thanks HartAB,
    That was really helpful! I use modo in Vancouver, but they require a BC License (or out of province abstracts or such that I guess are harder to obtain, so I just assumed all the carshares would be that way).
    Car2Go seems like a good solution.
    I've applied for U o C Residence, so hopefully there are still availabilities, otherwise I think I'm looking a paying a bit more for studio in Brentwood.
  5. by   hartab
    I meant Desjardins for the bank I took out a credit line with, not Bank of Montreal, whoops!!!
  6. by   Ellie-bellie
    I received my green check mark today! Unfortunately I waited till I got home from work to pay my deposit and now the website is down until sunday at midnight. Ugh!! Can anyone tell me what the winter term looks like, in terms of days and hours?

    Next step is figure out my budget!
  7. by   Amigone
    Congrats on your admission!
  8. by   jwillis1
    Congrats Ellie,
    The three lecture courses we have are each scheduled on separate day (3 3 hours lectures each week, each on a different day from 8-10:50A)
    Then the 6 credit lab course, which likely includes our clinical experiences - (could be any time during the week/weekend), and simulation lab time, I'm not sure if that is the full 6 hours or not, we'll be split up into groups for our lab times - so it'll vary. Just a guess - but maybe 15 hours of practice experience per week?
  9. by   kneuroknut
    Congrats @RedCoat52!
  10. by   olajumoke
    Congrats Redcoat52, Can I ask what you GPA is?
  11. by   RedCoat52
    thank you! It was 3.59
  12. by   RedCoat52
    For those coming in from out of province, are you having the fit test done before getting to Calgary?
  13. by   rmbm
    Congrats @Ellie-bellie! I was wondering if I could ask what your GPA is? I called recently and couldn't get ahold of them to see what GPA they're currently accepting.