U of Calgary Accelerated 2018 January

  1. Hi all! Just like to meet all the potential applicants here. Have you applied already?
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  3. by   andreaj95
    Hey,I have also applied at U of C! Did you apply for transfer route or degree holder?
  4. by   ormack86
    hey I am in the process of applying for the degree holder route.
  5. by   NBolas
    Nice to meet you! Degree holder route. Good luck on your applications!
  6. by   Belle2017
    Hi all, also just completed the application .all the best to all of us
  7. by   Bkuz
    I've also applied, just over a month ago. Good luck to everyone!!
    I applied last year and had a GPA OF 3.44, which was below the minimum admission average of 3.52.
    With the new admission process/GPA calculation I should be sitting around 3.71-3.75 (not completely confident on my calculations). So fingers crossed. The waiting game continues....
  8. by   nursetoinspire
    Hi there! I have also applied for the transfer route! @Bkuz Did you apply for the degree holder route with a 3.44?
  9. by   Bkuz
    Hi @nursetoinspire!
    I applied for the degree holder route both last year and this year.
    Good luck to you!
  10. by   monde
    Hi. I came on allnurses for an info and saw this post. I was in a similar forum last year. I got in and I will be starting Term 5 in a week. I wish you all the very best. It is been interesting so far. The waiting game can be long and tiring but keep being hopeful. It is worth the wait. I love it so far.
  11. by   Biso
    Hello Guys,
    I have a question please. How do they calculate the GPA? I had degree from back home in 2005 in Medicine. And I also finsished 3 semesters if the Practical nursing program at Bow Valley college recently. I applied for the degree holder route for January 201.Whenever I contact admissions, I hear different answers. One time I hear that they will calculate my GPA from bow valley college as it is the most recent and others tell me they will calculate my university courses. The thing is those who take calls are not the evaluators so they are not 100 percent sure.
    The complicated thing is how do they compare my grades at the medical school back home to their grades here. For example, my hours in Anatomy are 480 hours an in Medical Physiology are 480 hours as well. If anyone has any idea on how they calculate that, please let me know.
  12. by   m.a.r.a
    Hello future nurses,

    The applications for the BN Degree Holder Route at University of Calgary are closing in a few weeks so I wanted to make this forum so we can all suffer through the application process together! Post your questions here!
  13. by   Cristinanurse
    Getting tired of waiting!!
  14. by   andreaj95
    Me too! I just want to hear