Second entry nursing at Humber 2012

  1. Hello all,

    For those of you who are recently accepted into Sept 2011 nursing program at humber, Congratulations!. I have a quick question for you all, I am applying for the second entry nursing program at Humber for next year Sept 2012. I just wanted to know what were your university averages like for last 60 credits and your high school marks for the required courses.

    Also how is the intensity of prep semester? Would you recommend me taking some prep courses before hand so I can get transfer credits? Please advise! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Fellow to be nursing student (hopefully)
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  3. by   paueli11
    My calculated GPA was 4, and my high school marks were on the upper 80's-90's. I'm taking the 5 prep courses. It wasn't that hard for me as I had previous knowledge which helped me a lot, however I decided to take all the 5 courses to improve my english skills (english is my second language). I even managed to work part-time in the biginning of the semester. Now for people who had never seen the subjects before.. it's been tough. And don't forget you need to pass each one of them with at least 74% to advance to next semester.
  4. by   sani20
    I have a very important question and i hope if one of you can help me please. i am very stressed about it.
    basically i am trying to get into the second entry nursing program at humber for 2013 but right now i am taking courses through ryerson chang school. i am taking all science courses.
    i am not enrolled in a degree but i am taking full time course load as 3 courses per term. if i keep doing this for this year and next year i will have 60 credit. will i be considered for admission or no? please suggest.
    i have great marks from high school and i have also completed one year of ece from george brown.
    please help.
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  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Your question is better asked of the admissions office at Humber. Please contact them at your earliest opportunity.
  6. by   2bnurse_inquiry
    I am interested in the 2nd entry at Humber 2012 as well, but was wondering if anyone who applied could answer my question.
    I have a BSc in Biology, but my overall GPA (over the 4 yrs) i think is slightly lower than 74. BUT the last 2 years, my GPA should be more than 74%, thus, would I be meet the admission requirement??
    Also is Bachelor of Nursing the same as Bachelor of Science in Nursing, do students from both programs write the same exam after completing the program??
    Look forward to hearing from anyone! Thanks!
  7. by   TobeNursey

    I think you should be okay if you have 74+ average in last 2 years (10 credits). They also look at your high school mark though. So make sure you have 70+ in each Bio, Chem or physics, English and Math. All at U or M level. And I heard BScN and BN are exactly the same thing. It just depends on the university and what faculty their nursing program falls under. Other than that the curriculum and material prepares you for the same CRNE. Hope this helps! Good luck
  8. by   kazer
    Just a quick question,
    does Humber still look at high school marks if you have all the preparatory courses at the university level?
  9. by   relizabeth
    I know this is a very late response for you, however I am currently a 2nd Entry student at Humber and they do indeed require your high school grades. They are a "full disclosure" school. However, they are looking at your grades from your last 2 full time years mostly.
  10. by   kazer
    Thanks a lot for the reply!

    I didn't get into Humber's program because I didn't have the biology credit in highschool, but I got into York instead. Thank goodness!!!
    thanks again!