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Anyone else accepted and confirmed? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! September is so far away! I'm just itching for more information/registration/timetables but thats still a few months away! :)... Read More

  1. by   Magal
    Quote from sweetcurves
    Honestly, I am really struggling. I have some health conditions that I thought were under control but everything has flared up and I've missed a lot already. I am determined to stay in the course though, and am just trying to work around my health issues. The amount of homework/pre-class work is ridiculous. It's unbelievable to me how much we are required to do at home and how little we actually DO in class. This way of learning is totally unfamiliar to me and it makes me wonder what I'm paying for when I'm seemingly teaching myself a lot of it.
    Hi, sweetcurves. As I read this post it was like I was listening to myself. I had to double check and make sure it really wasn't me who had posted it in one of those nights that I was so tired and couldn't remember the next day what I had done and not done. I also have health issues that have flaired up and would love to meet you so we can support each other. Which clinical are you in?
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  2. by   zoya20
    I was wondering if anyone here can give me some insight and help me figure out whether I should go for the Practical Nursing at George Brown or at Mohawk College. I live in Mississauga so I am not really sure whether the commuting to Mohawk will be too difficult for me.
    I see the only difference between these two programs is that Gbc requires one to take 9 courses as supposed to 7 at Mohawk.

    I talked to one of the coordinators at the GBC and was recommended the Dental Assistant Level 1 and 2 program. All this time I had been thinking that LPN has a great employment outlook but then the coordinator told me that there is a 90% employment after grduation from the dental assistant program. I am just not sure anymore and not too certain whether I would really like to be on-call night shifts and or be comfortable to give patient baths...

    In addition, I was also wondering whether you have to take any kind of practical evaluations before allowing to go for clinical placements.

    I hope I am not asking too many questions. Its just I am really looking for a career that will definitely get me a descent job.

    Please help.
  3. by   relaxingbath
    Hi Zoya, sorry for the late reply but this week (2 exams, 2 assignments) has been really busy for those of us doing first term PN at mohawk. While there is 7 courses to do, don't think that there is any less work to do, because its student directed learning each class has "pre-class" work that should be done often this amounts to 3 hours per course i think a lot of people do it in less time but i'm trying to be very thorough. There are several students that i know of that commute from Mississauga for class, though they are finding it a bit harder to get to placements.
    I honestly don't know how the employment is for RPN/LPN but from what I can gather is if your placements go well there is a strong chance that you will be offered a position for after your CNO exam. The advantage of going the RPN/LPN route is that at a later date you can bridge to RN which offers wider employment opportunities and of course better pay. This intake (jan) started placements in week 4 and this requires you to be cleared by Paramed (up to date vaccinations, CPR certificate and mask fit) first term placements are always at long term care facility and yes you will be expected to wash your client. As for on call and night shifts its going to really depend on what area you go into.

    Hope this information helps.

    Edit: forgot to mention it is a 16month course that runs through the summer so you don't get a summer vacation but you finished sooner.
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  4. by   vintage_RN
    I would say, if you want to be a nurse - be a nurse. Don't be a dental assistant just because someone said they have a better job outlook if that's not what you want to do. From my experience guidence counselors and program coordinators like to discourage people from doing what they want to do, lol. I know several people who just graduated from the PN program who were offered jobs right away. I haven't heard of one PN grad who struggled in finding employment.

    Hope that helps.
  5. by   sevillje
    Hello everyone!

    I'm a September 2013 hopeful and would like to ask you all for some help. How did you study for the HOAE test? I feel like the practice questions that were given are pretty vague and the test itself is pretty broad. Please help!
  6. by   sevillje
    Also, for my academic average: for the English, Math, Chemistry and Biology, I have an average of 83-84 (around that range). I know that average is mediocre but hopefully I can boost it up with the help of the HOAE test.
  7. by   poko
    Hi all, Poko here again! I just wanted to thank you for all of the details/info in this thread. I've spent the past hour just reading through all 17 pages of posts and I've learned alot. I was originally planning for a 2013 Jan start up but due to personal reasons I didn't attend. I did reapply for Sept 2013 and I got accepted again, and this time it's really happening!

    After reading this thread I am curious about a few things
    - Can you help me wrap my brain around collaborative learning? After reading your comment about how the instructors only talk for part of the class, what exactly do you spend the remainder of the class doing? Is it all group work? Do you find this beneficial at all? Is this the same format for each of the classes?
    -Do students spend a lot of time outside of class together in study groups? What are the more effective studying methods?
  8. by   SayRPN
    Hi! This is kind of random but does anyone here that goes to mohawk know if there is any possibility to make up missed clinicals?