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hi, i got accepted into the sept 2007 program. how many of you are nursing students or pre nursing students in langara? and those who graduated or are current students - any tips on the courses,... Read More

  1. by   moner
    Quote from jd8_lakers
    Hi there,

    I am on the waitlist for Langara nursing too, and I was wondering when did you get put on the waitlist? I got on around December.2009, and I got a letter last month that there were more than 100 people ahead of me and that my anticipated start date is Sept.2012. The thing is I have no idea whether I am in the early 100s or closer to the you get this letter as well? Did your letter tell you your position on the waitlist?

    Thanks so much for any help you can offer
    Hi, sorry for the very late reply! I got accepted to the Nursing program in Mid-December 2009. When I last talked to Langara in May I think I was #105 on the list and they indicated that I would probably be looking at September 2012 but with a faint hope of January 2012. Have you contacted Langara recently to see if more people have dropped off the waitlist lately?
  2. by   carebearss
    Anyone here in for Sept 2012?
  3. by   adotu
    Hi carebearss! I, too will be starting in sept. Are you in section 1 or 2?
  4. by   carebearss
    Hey adotu! Nice to know you're starting in Sept! I'm actually having a difficult time deciding whether or not I should accept the offer, so I haven't chosen a section yet! Just curious, when did you get notified for being accepted?
  5. by   adotu
    I was on the waitlist awhile and then I got accepted for Jan 2012, but I deferred it because I wanted to finish my BSc at UBC. I received my acceptance a year ago. How come you haven't decided yet on accepting it?
  6. by   carebearss
    Wow, you sure are lucky! I'm actually working on my BSc at UBC right now too, and have two more years to go. And the latest I can defer my application is Jan 2013. Apparently the curriculum or some pre-reqs have changed for Sept 2013. This is a really tough decision, I think I'll be finishing off my degree and then try re-applying after two years. Best of luck to you and the program!
  7. by   lilkor
    Hello everyone.
    I will be starting sep 2012 section 1, and would love to get in touch with my cohort and discuss all the prepping and the 40 months to come!
  8. by   manisha03
    Hey there!

    I have a few (or maybe a lot, sorryyy) questions for anyone that has been in the Langara Nursing program for a while and knows a bit about it

    1. What terms do you think are the hardest? Which would you say are the easiest?

    2. Did you find the program hard because it was all year around? Were you able to plan any vacations? What was the longest break you had in between your classes?

    3. How was Term 5, it looks quiet easy but is it?