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hi, i got accepted into the sept 2007 program. how many of you are nursing students or pre nursing students in langara? and those who graduated or are current students - any tips on the courses,... Read More

  1. by   missrini
    hey guys, i'm new to this forum as well..

    @green_tea i was accepted to the waitlist program april 2009, and am finally accepted for january 2011 intake. it was a close call too.. my friend got in with the first batch of letters, and i found out i was in 3rd position, and so as soon as 3 people either declined/postponed, i was informed that i was accepted! it'll be great knowing i have a friend doing it same time, but the waiting part is such a bore... email the nursing department, they are always more than willing to let you know your position

    anyway, as for questions, pretty much all of them were answered on previous posts, but if i think of any as it gets closer to january/when i get into the program, i'll post here!
  2. by   coachpooh
    Quote from HappyFunTimes
    Hey Everyone,

    I'm new to this thing and thought I would give it a go. I don't really know how this site works specifically - so hopefully this gets posted to the right place. I'll be starting Langara in a semester or two (ie. Sept 10/Jan 11) and have some questions regarding work/life balance etc. I have previous degree, school was pretty much a breeze, and I grasp concepts quickly. My only fear for this program is MONEY, making rent and tuition

    May I ask:

    1. How much you typically spend per semester on books, supplies etc? I checked the website but hop to get something from an actual student

    2. Which semesters are heaviest in terms of workload??? Is the course work as hard as everyone says? How many hours per day do you typically spend on homework/prepping for clinicals? Do you have a life on the weekend - at least in terms of the workload for school work related items?

    3. Are you guys able to keep a job during sememsters? This is a huge concern for me and probably my financial need is the ONLY reason I fear will prevent me from completing the program etc. Loans and lines of credit are great...if you qualify....

    4. Lastly, is it true that nursing students are a constant form of TIRED???

    Thanks guys,

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. I'm just trying to figure out the next three years of my life and worry about having one and funding it

    Good Luck!

    Hi happyfuntimes,

    Not sure if I'm posting this a little late for you, as you may already be starting your program! I'm currently in my 9th semester, so I can tell you a bit of my experience with the program.

    1. For the first few semesters there are quite a few texts to purchase, such as fundamentals of nursing, med-surg, drug books, etc. they all cost approx 100 something. as you get towards the mid and later terms, you'll find that you may not need to purchase all the texts (i.e. community, mental health, maternity --unless you're going to specialize in areas later on). To save $, you can always purchase used texts from previous term students.

    2. I'd say terms 4, 7, and 9 would be the heaviest! As some have mentioned, patho is a heavy course load. For terms 7 & 9 there are quite a few paper/projects/presentations, so it can be time consuming! Studying/prepping time varies in semesters & clinical placement. For an example, in my gen surg placement, I found I spent 3-5 hrs prepping on monday night compared to maternity where we get our assignments on the day of clinical (so no prepping the night before). It also depends on how comfortable you are with your knowledge/skills.
    I do say nursing is a lot of work, so there were times where I did not have a weekend. But of course, there will be weeks where you do get your weekends! Don't forget there will be end of semester breaks for approx 2-3 weeks!

    3. I was able to keep my job, but only because my work place was very flexible with my hours. I usually work about once a week or every other week when homework gets really heavy.

    4. I'm not quite sure what you mean.. are nursing students always tired? haha.. Not all the time.. it depends. I do see students being tired during our morning classes and other students have a spur of energy. For myself, I do get tired at times from all the homework/tests/projects/presentations/clinicals. Just remember, balance is the key! so if you sleep/rest and have fun in between school work, you'll do fine

    Hope this helps!
  3. by   lilaclover
    Quote from green_tea
    Yep they're no longer accepting any application b/c the waitlist built up; one reason being that some people postpone their sessions. So I considered myself very lucky to be one of the last applicants that got on the waitlist.
    Me too
  4. by   lilaclover
    Last I check I was number 28 or 29 I believe. Wonder how much longer till I get in?
  5. by   green_tea
    Quote from lilaclover
    Last I check I was number 28 or 29 I believe. Wonder how much longer till I get in?
    We could ask where we are on the waitlist?
  6. by   JenforRN
    coachpooh: that was really helpful! Quick question: did you do all the courses that could be transfer credit-ed before your first nursing school term?
  7. by   HappyFunTimes
    Hi coachpooh (awesome name!),

    THANKS very much for the response - it definitely helped Congrats, I guess by now you will be approaching your last semester...must feel nice! I just can't wait to get the bio/patho requirements over with ughs ughs ughs!

    Three quick questions:

    Is PATHO more work than the two required bios? I heard there were no labs but curious if in effect there is just more to memorize???

    2. Any additional tips in terms of getting through clinical placements?

    3. No need to answer this if you don't feel comfortable: Is it true that sometimes the nursing program target certain students and make their lives more difficult than they have to be or make big deals out of silly things? Someone told me that they keep files on students' personality types and what upsets them? Is this true or just nursing urban legend of sorts?

    Good luck with everything and thanks again...I can't wait to start soon

  8. by   migao

    I'm currently on the wait list for the Nursing Program at Langara. I know that they take people in every fall and spring semesters and I'm just wondering around how many people do they take in from the wait list?

  9. by   Romy87
    I just graduated from Langara, but I'm assuming the intake size is still the same.
    Each intake takes in 80 students from the waitlist.
    So in total, 160 students start the program each year.
    People also drop off the waitlist because they change their minds, get a placement at another school, etc. so it's often not as long a wait as they estimate. For example, I got in a term earlier than originally predicted.

    Some advice (even though you didn't ask for it haha): Make your time on the waitlist worthwhile. Take the english and biology courses, the required non-nursing electives (e.g. psychology, anthropology, whatever), and, if you can get into it, the biomedical ethics course. It will make your nursing classes a lot easier to manage later on.
    Good luck!
  10. by   ucsmfu
    hey guys, quick question, last week, i called the langara admissions clerk, and she told me that I got accepted and have a spot for the upcoming September intake for nursing.

    Now, today I got a email for langara saying that my application status is waitlist rollover.

    What does that mean ? i have to wait for the next intake than ?

    that doesn't make any sense at all
  11. by   lilaclover
    I just got a email from them saying that I am on "waitlist rollover" now too. Not sure what that means.....Anyone??
  12. by   ucsmfu
    lilaclover, are u expected a spot for the upcoming sept ?

    also are u taking any bio 1190 or biomedical ethics at the moment ?
  13. by   ucsmfu
    hey lilaclover, i called ****** from Langara, she is in charge of nursing applications. rollerover means, we were expected for the January intake but they have a spot for us in sept. so that means we are in for SEPT, i confirmed with her, she will send out confirmations this week, once we accept the program. She will send out the documents.

    Yehhhh finally after 2 years of waitlisting.

    Congrats !!!!!
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