Kwantlen Polytechnic University Nursing Post-Baccalaureate Program

  1. Hi everyone!

    I recently received an offer of admission to Kwantlen's BSN Post-Baccalaureate Program in which you can get your Bachelors in Nursing in 27 months. This program is to commence in Sept 2013.

    I was wondering if anyone has any feedback regarding this program. What's it like compared to the Undergraduate BSN 4-year program at Kwantlen? How is the program in general compared to other BC Nursing Programs? etc.... Any help or information is appreciated!

    If you have also been accepted to the program or is thinking of applying, feel free to comment!
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  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to Canadian nursing program forum to elicit further response. Good luck
  5. by   bookowl
    I'm thinking of applying for the same program once I complete my current degree. I'm just wondering how competitive the admission really is. The website lists the minimum requirements but I wonder if higher GPA gets higher priority?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. by   onepinkdaisy
    Congrats on getting an offer! I did too just working on the post-admission requirements like immunizations, etc. hope to meet you in Sept!
  7. by   al0a
    Hey bookowl!

    I just came back from an info session regarding this program! Sorry for the late reply! I figured it would be better to answer your question after attending the information session

    Since its a fairly new program, the competition is pretty low as of now. They mentioned that they received about 150 applications for the Fall 2013 entry and they have 40 spots each intake. Therefore, there's about roughly a 1/3 chance of getting in. Also, since they just implemented the program last September 2012, the program admission is based on date of application. However, they did mention that as they get more and more applicants, they may have to resort to offering seats based on CGPA.

    Hope this answers your question and good luck to your application
  8. by   al0a
    Hi onepinkdaisy!

    Congrats on the offer!! I am also currently working on the post-admission requirements such as first aid and immunizations!

    Are you 100% accepting the offer and attending in Fall 2013? (ie. have you paid your program deposit yet?)

    I am excited and nervous at the same time! With this program being offered in the blended format (mostly online), I am really looking forward to meeting anyone I can!

    Last, just out of curiosity, where did you do our undergrad degree and in what?
  9. by   onepinkdaisy
    Hey al0a,

    Thank you! Yes I'm working on the first aid and immunizations too! I've paid my deposit before May 31st because that's the deadline they had on the letter. And just registered for the courses today! When is your registration date?

    I did my undergrad at SFU, BSc. in Cellular Biology, how about you?

    It's definitely exciting!! A little nervous too XD but I've been looking for forums in case I come across someone else who is going into the same program, glad I found this hehe! So, I was wondering how to private message so we chat more ... I can't seem to find that button. I tried the profile but no luck.
  10. by   onepinkdaisy
    Ah apparently one needs to have 15 posts before being able to PM someone, okay guess I'll just have to post more till I go over that number haha
  11. by   al0a
    Hi onepinkdaisy!

    I had just registered for my classes today as well! mine was today at 10am But im not sure if I did mine correctly... hope i did!
    I did my undergrad at UWO in Health Sciences when did you graduate?

    And same here! I've been looking across forums to see if anyone is talking about this Post-Baccalaureate program, but all I've come across so far are in regards to the regular 4-year BSN Program in Kwantlen. Have you heard anything about this program? Apart from the info-session I went to today, I have not heard anything about this program.
  12. by   june_flower
    Hi guys!

    I also have been accepted to the program and registered for my classes yesterday ))
  13. by   al0a
    Hey june_flower!

    Congratulations on the offer and I hope to meet you in September! Tell us a little about yourself! (ie. where you graduated from, what year, etc)

    Were you also looking into other schools?
  14. by   prospects
    Hi all,
    I have just looked up this program and I am interested in applying for September 2014.
    Just to clarify.. are you guys saying that last year the admission to this program was based on when you applied? ie: the first people to apply were accepted and those that applied later might not have been accepted?
    Thank you!!
  15. by   al0a
    Hey prospects,

    From the information session I attended, the intake for Fall 2013 was based on date of application. They received around 150 applications for the Fall 2013 intake. However, they mentioned that as they get more applications in the coming years, they could change the admission basis to be based on CGPA rather than date of application.

    In essence, as there are more competition/applications, they will have to re-evaluate the way they base offer of admissions.

    Hope this answers your question.