1. Hello people, I finished my requirements in fall 2015. I applied for fall 2017 and unfortunately I was shortlisted twice! Today I received my acceptance for winter 2018 and have until March to pay my deposit. This whole journey has left me pretty humbled.. I realized I will work even harder for my GPA to be higher going into my second year.. English 1130 brought me down and I will strive to keep my GPA higher than 3.0. The most likely reason I probably did not enter fall 2017 as my GPA was under the cut off of 2.9, now I am happy to say I will be going into the nursing program in Jan 2018. Would love to hear who else is in.. we are going to be together for the next three year's people!
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  3. by   marijad92
    congrats on your acceptance! I finished in summer 2016, so I don't know if I will be accepted but I'm still hopeful!
  4. by   Threemarys
    I get it.. I've been in your shoes. When they opened this term they moved the cutoff to the winter 2016 students. That is after they accept any applicants who finished the courses first. When I first applied in 2016.. I was told the students from summer 2015 where given priority, also higher GPA's get first pick. As long as you apply your on the radar for the admissions officer. Honestly if I had been told a year ago this whole process would be two years just to enter my 2nd year.. I would have gone to the interior. Also be aware that fall 2015 had an extremely high amount of students.. Douglas college opened xtra classes in patho and micro.. and the intake for each term is about 64 students. Stay positive!
  5. by   Awozney
    @Threemarys, do you have many classmates from S2015 that applied for W2018? I finished my prqs W2016 and really hope I get an offer. My gpa isn't great though..
  6. by   Threemarys
    So from what I encountered last intake.. everybody from my semester who had high GPA'S Plus the leftover people who where not accepted from the summer 2015 intake where accepted in the sept 2017 intake. I was on the waiting list and was over looked as my gpa was below 2.9... I am looking at waiting 2 years to get into my second year. If your gpa is not that high.. expect to apply for the next term. Good luck!
  7. by   Awozney
    Such a long time to wait.. I hope this intake has a bunch of stupid people applying (Jk - but not really), or my 3.1gpa isnt going to cut it. Thanks for sharing threemarys. Good luck with your program!
  8. by   Awozney
    I got word an applicant from Summer 2016 got their application decision as int. adm. rst. complete.. not sure what it means but I understood seats are only available for Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 applicants. I believe she has a 3.33gpa, at least. Not sure what it means.. waitlist? Guaranteed admission for next intake?.. anybody have the andwer or heard of later applicants getting seats?
  9. by   Threemarys
    So basically it means she has all her admission requirements completed.. so after all past years and winter 2016 get accepted. She's got a yes it's a nice term for being wait listed. She has a pretty good chance of getting in next intake as her GPA is good, and she's been wait listed before.
  10. by   Awozney
    When I applied last time they immediately told me "not approved" even though I had all of my classes finished. I'm thinking her higher gpa got her initial completion quicker. I wonder what their gpa cut-off is?
  11. by   cmb16
    Hey guys
    I'm guessing there's still many applications to go through as I finished in summer 2016 with a 3.7 gpa but my application is still incomplete. I hope to have a chance in fall 2018 but who knows...
  12. by   MichMm

    I was also shortlisted for fall 2017 but got my acceptance email for winter 2018! I already paid my deposit. I was wondering what does your status say? Mine says Conditional Accept non hs app..
  13. by   Awozney

    Congrats on your acceptance! Mine still says admissions complete. Do you mind sharing your gpa for the req'd courses?
  14. by   MichMm

    My gpa was about 3.0 for the required courses!