Centennial or George Brown for RPN bridging to RN

  1. Hello all,

    I would appreciate some input and experience about which one is a better school to do the RPN bridging to RN in Toronto. The two choices are Centennial (9253) or George Brown (S122). I have the feeling GB has a heavier workload during semester 1, but this is only after comparing both programs description online. However, Centennial has a reputation of being stricter. Any advice would be of help as a desicion has to be made between both.

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  3. by   Khow89
    If you want a more spread out workload, check out uoit.
  4. by   ggopaso
    Hi thanks for the input. Ouit it's way too far unfortunately. I think I have decided for GBC. Will see how it goes
  5. by   sarbearrrrrr
    Hi! I just accepted my offer to the bridging program at George Brown. Do you know how moving on to the next year through Trent works? Just curious if all those who meet the requirements get in, or if you have to compete for your spot even with the requirements met. Thanks
  6. by   ggopaso
    Hi there, seems like we are gonna be both at George Brown. From what I read, you need to get 75% average in all the courses to get to Trent University. I even spoke to an adviser and was told as long I meet this 75% I'll be OK. We will see.., I'm just wondering how hard it will be to achieve this average, especially considering there are 9 courses the first semester
  7. by   sarbearrrrrr
    Oh awesome, hopefully I'll see you there then! And yeah it does seem like a heavy course load in the first semester - I'm not sure if maybe since there are a few online courses and some are half class/half online it will be more manageable.
  8. by   GBC_Student
    I just finished the rpn to rn bridge at gbc. I've heard centennial is more difficult. I didn't have any problems with the program. I'm not a fan of gbc (awful when it comes to organization and admitting when they've made an error) but it's not a bad program when compared with the rpn program at gbc.

    As far as I can tell everyone that met the minimum GPA is continuing on to trent. But it's not just getting a 75% average. You need to get a minimum of 70% in four classes. Off the top of my head the classes are ethics, community nursing, pathology and I think the forth one was relational inquiry (talk about a boring course). I'd recommend gbc for the bridge despite its short comings.

    One thing I will say is if you do at at gbc prepare yourself to do countless small assignments that are worth 2 or 3%. It can be maddening but if you can stay organized it's not an overly difficult program.
  9. by   sarbearrrrrr
    Did you find the course load to be heavy? And I feel like ever rpn program is unorganized lol I did mine at Mohawk and it was the same there.
  10. by   ggopaso
    Thanks for sharing your experience! And yes you are right you also need to get 75% in some subjects. And I also heard Centennial is harder. We will see how we manage... Thanks again
  11. by   GBC_Student
    I think the course load is manageable if you're not working anymore than part time. I know for people with families and who tried to keep working full-time it was next to impossible. I really believe if a nurse can pass the rpn program then the bridge isn't too bad. There are a lot of written assignments so if those skills are rusty you really need to go to the writing Centre. If you do decide to take the bridge at gbc try to do the electives in the summer before hand. Having to worry about the regular course load plus two general education credits can get stressful. Good luck guys. If you can make it through the rpn program you will succeed in the bridge.
  12. by   ggopaso
    Do you think you can take the two electives during summer semester? Instead of ahead of time, it would be after the second semester? It would be summer of 2018 in my case
  13. by   sarbearrrrrr
    Did you get a lot of options for electives?
  14. by   GBC_Student
    You could probably take them in the summer before hand. I'd double check with the program coordinator to make sure you're not taking a course that won't be accepted by trent. The selection wasn't great. I think there were maybe 7 or 8 choices. I took a monotheistic religious course and a Canadian politics course because I knew neither would have group work. I had friends who took geography (which they hated) and I think there was a history of film which also had a poor reputation.

    If you guys took any general education courses not in the rpn program then you might be able to get exemptions which I'd recommend taking advantage of if you can.

    There's the temptation to take general education credits that seem easy to boost your gpa but believe me it's not worth it. You're going to be busy enough.